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June 26, 2022

PM Tudose after ruling coalition meeting to assess first week in office of the new Cabinet : Gov’t to present weekly activity reports

Premier Mihai Tudose and the members of his Government will attend ruling coalition meetings on a weekly basis, in order to present activity reports, documents that will also be published on the Government’s website.

“I’ve asked and the ruling coalition parties have asked and Mr President Dragnea has asked for a permanent dialogue to exist between the Government and Parliament, between the Government and the coalition. We’ve established the following way of working: there will be weekly meetings keeping the coalition abreast of what happened in the last week and of what we plan on doing at the Government in the upcoming week, and once per month there will be an analysis of the stage of fulfilling the governing platform, based on deadlines, involvements and achievements. That’s when the analysis will take place, once per month. Apart from that, each week – each Friday, we decided – the activity report will be sent to the coalition, to the two parties, and will also be uploaded on the Government’s website,” Premier Mihai Tudose explained on Monday, following the ruling coalition meeting that took place in Liviu Dragnea’s office at the Palace of Parliament.

In his turn, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said there was “a good discussion” within the ruling coalition.

“Apart from this document, which shows an extremely serious activity within the Government and within the ministries in the last week, which is extremely pleasing for me, we’ve also discussed several large, important issues, for instance the public-private partnership law, which is one of our important goals, which will unblock many investments; their commitment is that inside a week or two they may come up with it for public consultations so that the end of summer, namely September 1, would find the bill finalised, including with norms, and then we’ll probably introduce it in Parliament in an urgent procedure. Likewise, the Sovereign Investment Fund, which has had its first reading within the Government, has been sent to Eurostat; we’re waiting for a point of view from there. He presented the measures taken to unblock dozens of procurement procedures for large infrastructure investments, particularly expressways. Likewise, we discussed several measures concerning agriculture programmes,” Dragnea detailed.

He added that the talks did not outline the need to hold an extraordinary parliamentary session, but pointed out he does not rule it out.

“We’ll discuss once again a week from now, on Monday, in the same format, and then we’ll have more elements and we’ll jointly decide,” Dragnea pointed out.


Tariceanu: We’ve solved the communication problems between the political and the decisional levels


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stated on Monday that the communication problems have been solved within the ruling coalition, weekly meetings with Premier Mihai Tudose and the members of his Cabinet being scheduled.

“We solved it because, as I was telling you, we agreed there will be weekly meetings between the political decision structure, namely the party leadership, and the Executive, and it’s good that we are, at the same time, Speakers of the two Houses too, so we thus achieve communication between the Executive and the Legislative, and between the political level and the decisional level, which is the Executive,” Tariceanu stated at the end of the ruling coalition meeting.

The weekly meetings would occasion an assessment of the way the decisions taken are implemented both at the level of the Executive and at the level of the Legislative. Tariceanu stated he is “pleased” with the way discussions with Premier Mihai Tudose have so far taken place.

“I’m pleased. I notice a preoccupation, as is natural, with organising meetings, bilateral discussions with all members of Government, based on an agenda that he also presented to us. I notice a preoccupation with and a monitoring of the way the budget functions, namely revenues, expenditures,” Tariceanu added.

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