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September 28, 2021

PSD’s Dragnea announces review of Gov’t activity. PSD leader denies misunderstandings with PM Tudose: “We found we fought without meeting”

Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea announced that a weekly review of the Government activity is to be carried out “among colleagues,” and not like an ‘inquisition,’ with multiple choice tests.”

He added that on Monday, at the meeting of the coalition, “it will happen what he hopes to be happening,” what was set out with the first government also.

“Tomorrow [Monday] it will be the first important meeting with the Gov’t, which I have waited for 6 months, a well applied PM, organised, orderly, who comes and presents what he has already presented – the activity review of the first week, saying what he will do in the next week and how he plans to approach the situation with the President of the European Commission, what is the support he needs for the coalition. (…) I said on several occasions, but everyone took what they wanted and tumbled what they wanted on television. The point is that one does not do an assessment at the party, the party doesn’t carry out the assessment, the assessment is done by the Gov’t. And Mihai Tudose is a man that I highly appreciate (…) who is a very hard-working man. Each Monday, perhaps in this vacation it won’t be every Monday, the Gov’t will come and present to the coalition what it did in the previous week. That’s how it will happen. We are not like a committee, like some inquisitors or an exam committee, each of us sitting with our glasses on our nose, with the armrests and the multiple choice test, we are colleagues,” Dragnea told Romania TV private broadcaster on Sunday evening.

He added that the meetings with the governing coalition are necessary because they won together the elections.

“We have won the elections together, we work together and put efforts so this governing year moves forward. They tell us what they have done, political decisions and approvals are needed for some decisions that are related to the governing, it’s natural for a discussion to exist in the coalition and the coalition to back it. (…) But the rule will be that each Friday the material for Monday will be handed over to the coalition leaders, and a discussion will be carried out. It’s a method of approach that I really like and that gives me great hopes. This new government team has made great efforts, stayed from morning until late at night, it was a power tour of the Prime Minister and the three Deputy Prime Ministers, they have met with more than half of the ministers and meetings with a large part of the key institutions are to be carried out next week. We already set out 45 actions, some of them were implemented, others are next. (…) The decision to change the Gov’t was a good one and gives us the hope that the act of governing will return to its core,” PSD leader mentioned.


PSD leader denies misunderstandings with PM Tudose: We found we fought without meeting


Social Democratic Party leader denied the existence of any misunderstandings between him and new Prime Minister Mihai Tudose.

“I had a discussion with Mr Prime Minister Mihai Tudose. In fact, on Friday, after the Government meeting, we worked together in the weekend. I told him ever since Sunday that on Tuesday or Wednesday the information that we had a fight would come up. We didn’t meet on Monday, because I had a bad cold, I believe this too is a crime, (…) and he worked from morning until evening at the Government, and we both found that we fought without meeting. There is no truth whatsoever here,” Liviu Dragnea told Romania TV.

The PSD leader also said that the PM is “a very serious man, very applied and very hard-working” and voiced himself pleased that the Government members work with “”very much passion” and “come to work with pleasure.”

Liviu Dragnea underscored that what the PSD proposed in the election campaign will happen, as at this date there aren’t any reasons for the governance programme not to be implemented.


PSD Chairman hopes DNA head Kovesi comes before parliamentary investigation committee


Liviu Dragnea on Sunday evening said that he hopes the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutor-in-chief, Laura Codruta Kovesi, will come before the parliamentary investigation committee on the presidential elections of 2009.

He mentioned that the Constitutional Court said there are no reasons for not showing up before a parliamentary investigation committee.

Referring to the possibility of certain cases being built against him in the coming period, that might eliminate him from the PSD leadership, Dragnea pointed out he committed no crime.

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