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April 16, 2021

DNA takes note ex officio regarding other aspects of Rise Project journalistic investigation

Prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) also took note ex officio of other aspects regarding the Rise Project investigation, because there are pieces of evidence on committing several crimes assimilated to corruption.

“On 10 July 2017, anticorruption prosecutors took note ex officio regarding other aspects included in the journalistic investigation, that was published on 6 July 2017 (others than the ones mentioned in the release no. 690/VIII/3/ 7 July 2017), because of some evidence on committing several crimes assimilated to corruption. Currently the criminal prosecution has begun only related to the action (in rem). This stage does not imply formulating charges against one person, but it has the significance of establishing a procedural framework in which the first evidence can be gathered regarding a certain action,” the Information and Public Relations Bureau of the DNA mentions in a reply at AGERPRES’ request.

On 7 June 2017, the DNA confirmed having a in rem criminal case in the working, for committing several corruption offenses and assimilated to corruption, in connection to a part of the Rise Project disclosures, within the investigation pieces of information having been requested from authorities in Brazil.

“A part of the aspects included in the journalistic investigation, that was published on 6 July 2017, are the subject of a DNA ongoing criminal case. In this case, established by taking note ex officio, prosecutors have decided, as of 19 February 2016, to start criminal prosecution in rem, for committing some offenses of corruption and assimilated to corruption. After the criminal prosecution in rem started, the evidence gathered consisted in hearing the witnesses, removing documents, requesting information from the national and Brazilian authorities,” the DNA mentions in a release sent to AGERPRES.

On 6 July, the Rise Project published a report allegedly belonging to the Intelligence and Internal Protection Department (DGIPI), called ” Note regarding aspects that affect the social-economic climate of Teleorman County,” that describes a criminal network made up of some decision-making bodies of the county,” through whom leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea, former President of Teleorman County Council, would have embezzled European and governmental funds. In the note attributed to the DGIPI, Liviu Dragnea is currently “the major shareholder of the bearer shares of SC Tel Drum SA.”

According to the Rise Project, the Tel Drum company would have been fraudulently taken over by Liviu Dragnea from the state, and, for more than a decade, he granted himself through fake tenders the majority of the contracts for the Teleorman County public asphalting.


PSD leader’s ex-wife, heard by DNA in the case opened in 2016 following Rise Project investigations related to Liviu Dragnea


Bombonica Prodana, Liviu Dragnea’s ex-wife, came on Tuesday to the National Anticorruption Directorate; judicial sources stated that she was called to be heard as a witness in the case opened by prosecutors in February, 2016, following the Rise Project investigations related to the PSD leader.

Dragnea’s ex-wife was heard as a witness in the criminal case opened “in rem” for corruption deeds.

Also on Tuesday, the National Anticorruption Directorate mentioned, in an answer sent at News.ro’s request, that it acted ex-officio, one day before, in a new criminal case in which prosecution was started “in rem” for offenses assimilated to corruption, “in relation to other issues” contained by the investigation published on Thursday by Rise Project. DNA also mentions that criminal prosecution is started for the moment only related to the deed (“in rem”).

On Thursday, Rise Project published a report deemed to belong to the General Direction for Internal Protection, called “Notice on Issues Affecting the Socio-Economic Climate of the Teleorman County”, describing a “criminal network consisting of people who have the power to decide in the county”, by which Liviu Dragnea allegedly defrauded European and governmental funds. In this document, Dragnea is presented as “the majority holder of the bearer shares of SC Tel Drum SA”. Rise Project wrote that the report, which is currently in the DGPI archive, refers to the businesses made by the group with public money, to dozens of tenders, to the real control over Tel Drum, to fictitious works, to suspicious donations for the party, to relational circles and influence.

DNA announced on Friday that “part of the issues included by the journalistic investigation published” by Rise Project are subject to a pending criminal case opened by the directorate. The case was formed based on an ex-officio action; the prosecutors ordered on February 19, 2016, the prosecution in rem for corruption deeds and deeds assimilated to corruption. DNA also mentioned that after prosecution was ordered, information has been requested including from the Brazilian authorities.

PSD chairman, Liviu Dragnea, rejected on Monday the information presented by Rise Project related to his connections with the company Tel Drum, stating that he has no bearer shares and he is not “behind” it, which is proved by several opened cases in which prosecution wasn’t ordered.

Liviu Dragnea denied the information related to his businesses in Brazil, too.

“I never hided that I visited this country. I dared to visit other countries, too. I didn’t hide this, either. I didn’t transfer money in Brazil, I didn’t transfer money in any other country. I didn’t make any business in Brazil and I have no businesses in Brazil or in another country”, the PSD leader stated.

Dragnea also claimed that everything was started by George Soros, who is “an evil person”, in his opinion.

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