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September 18, 2020

Dragnea: I’m not behind or in front of Tel Drum, I don’t have bearer shares. This soup has been reheated so much times that it has no taste anymore

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, rejected on Monday the information presented by Rise Project regarding his connections with Tel Drum, stating that he doesn’t have bearer shares and he is not “behind” this company, which is proven my several opened cases where prosecution was not ordered.

“I don’t have any bearer share in any company. (…) There is no person in Romania who has shares that the state institutions do not know, and I don’t have bearer shares” Dragnea said.

Being asked if he has any connection with Tel Drum, the PSD leader said that this thing is circulated since 12 years, but such a connection hasn’t been found.

“This soup has been reheated so much times that it has no taste anymore, in my opinion. There have been inquiries, opened and closed cases, there have been people heard, investigated, and prosecution wasn’t ordered. (…) I’m not behind, in front of, to the left or to the right of this company” he said.

Liviu Dragnea denied also the information related to his businesses in Brazil.

“I never hided that I visited this country. I dared to visit other countries, too. I didn’t hide this either. I didn’t transfer money to Brazil, I didn’t transfer money to any other country. I didn’t make any business in Brazil and I have no businesses in Brazil or in another country” the PSD leader stated.


“I don’t know what Soros has to do with me or with PSD, but there’s something. There are too many things that make sense”


PSD leader Liviu Dragnea was asked on Monday about his accusations on the involvement of the billionaire George Soros in PSD’s activity, as the PSD Chairman said on Sunday, stating that he doesn’t know what the businessman has to do with him or with PSD, but “there is something”. Dragnea mentioned that he found out about these things because “people talk”.

Dragnea was asked “what does George Soros have to do with him or with PSD”, and the PSD leader said that he doesn’t know, but he is sure that “there is something”.

“I’d like to have an answer to this question. I don’t know, but there is something, because there are too many things that make sense and the information comes from too many places. I don’t really believe in coincidences anymore”, Dragnea said.

Asked from where he has this information, he answered that “people talk”.

PSD Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, stated on Sunday evening for Romania TV that the DNA inquiry on the published issues after the journalistic investigation of Rise Project is not referring to him, since he has no business in Brazil and he didn’t transferred any money to this country, everything being started by George Soros, who is “an evil person”, in his opinion.


 Dragnea, irritated after questions about his holidays: Iohannis and the institutions did not considered the peace proposal. We’ll not turn the other cheek, we have resources


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea was bothered by a question related to the information about his possible holiday in Israel, together with his girlfriend, stating that President Klaus Iohannis and other institutions and political actors didn’t considered PSD’s proposal for a “political peace”, and Social Democrats will answer to the attacks from now on, without explaining what does he mean by that.

“In these two years, I hoped that all the state institutions and the other political actors, starting with the Romanian President and anybody else in this country, will appreciate that my proposal for dialogue, for political peace, is worthy to be considered and that we should build something in this country” he replied.

The PSD leader added that this call to “political peace” was understood as a weakness of him and PSD. “Therefore, this period of peace is over” he said.

A journalist tried to ask him if he suggests that President Iohannis has any connection with this information appeared in the press, but Dragnea interrupted him irritated: “No, no, I don’t suggest this. Let me finish. By the way, I hope the misery of the last two days was for something. I hope it was for something”.

The journalist told him that he may refer to the TV channel he is working for, but Dragnea told him that “he doesn’t even look at him”. “In the microphone”, the journalist told to Dragnea, but Dragnea answered: “I didn’t even know where the microphone is”.

Then he explained that the visit to Israel is part of a Parliament’s official delegation, and he will leave on Tuesday and will be back on Thursday. “Indeed, I dare to stay there for two days” Dragnea said.

PSD leader was also asked how his relationship with President Iohannis will be changed, answering that now “it will be like before”.

“Like before the peace. It will not be war. We will simply not turn the other cheek. If they do something, we do something, if they say something, we say something” he said.

Being asked how the President bothered him, Dragnea didn’t answer and he continued: “I assure you we have enough resources”.


“We will not adopt any additional fee and we will not change the taxation to the detriment of the honest companies”


When asked about the possibility to introduce the solidarity fee, Dragnea also stated that the Government will not adopt any “additional” fee for Romanians and it will not change the taxation procedure to the detriment of the “honest” companies, without making other comments on the Executive’s intentions.

“We want to adopt measures to make life easier for them (the Romanians – e.n.) and for the business environment” the PSD Chairman stated.

Asked when the Romanians will have an answer related to the possibility of introducing a solidarity fee, Dragnea said that the answer already exists: “We will not adopt any additional fee for Romanians. (…) We will also not change any taxation procedure to the detriment of the honest companies. Those who are in the tax evasion area, of course, can be upset”.

PSD Chairman was asked if this means he waives the solidarity fee, but he didn’t provide a clear answer.

“I don’t waive anything I spoke about in the electoral campaign, in order to make the fiscal environment and the business environment in Romania be attractive, predictable and stimulating”, he said.

Being asked again why these measures appeared in the new government program, which is different from the one in the electoral campaign, Dragnea answered irritated: “I’ve told this for 244 times before”.

He mentioned that all the fiscal measures will be discussed within a wider package.




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