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June 22, 2021

PM Tudose about ANAF chief: Bogdan Stan has one month to prove his efficiency; he has received roadmap

Premier Mihai Tudose stated on Monday, at the Palace of Parliament, that National Tax Authority (ANAF) President Bogdan Stan has one month to prove his efficiency at the helm of the institution, pointing out he has received a roadmap and everyone will be satisfied if he sticks to it.

Asked whether he is pleased with ANAF’s activity, the Prime Minister said the data looks better than the one last year.

“Here we’re talking about at least two things: the figures are or look better than last year. Not in my opinion, in our opinion [they look] as good as they should have looked, given the economic growth. You can’t have economic growth, higher consumption and lower revenues,” the Prime Minister said.

Mihai Tudose added that the solutions he has identified during his meetings with the representatives of ANAF and of the Finance Ministry will be implemented starting next week.

“Last week, I had two rounds of discussions with ANAF, with the Anti-fraud, with the Finance Ministry, we’ve identified a set of solutions that have in fact been discussed within the coalition today, and they will be implemented starting next week. Starting from the full informatisation of the Romanian financial-fiscal system and ending up with efficiency-rendering measures, from the collection of VAT all the way to stricter measures in what concerns bootlegged merchandise,” the Premier underscored.

The Prime Minister expressed his confidence that the revenues collected by ANAF will grow, this being the reason why he does not start off from the idea that it will be necessary to dismiss certain persons.

“I believe it (revenue collection – editor’s note) will grow, that’s what the discussion was. We’re not starting off from the idea of sacking people and bringing others in, but they simply received some deadlines, a roadmap; if they observe it, everyone will be pleased,” Mihai Tudose emphasised.

Asked whether Bogdan Stan did his job at the helm of ANAF, the Prime Minister gave a brief answer: “We’re talking about what they have to do from now on.”

Likewise, asked how much time does Bogdan Stan have at his disposal to prove his efficiency at the helm of ANAF, the Premier said: “starting today, every day.”

“The next figures-based analysis will take place a month from now,” Mihai Tudose concluded.


Premier speaks ironically about George Soros: My Lord, he has no interest anywhere, he’s the Red Cross


On Monday, Premier Mihai Tudose sarcastically stated that George Soros has no interests in Romania, because he is “the Red Cross,” but that by destabilising PSD leader Liviu Dragnea he destabilises both the party and the country.

Asked whether George Soros has interests in Romania, the Prime Minister sarcastically answered: “No, there’s no way he has. My Lord, he has no interests anywhere… Obviously, yes! How could he have interests here? He’s the Red Cross.”

Tudose nevertheless pointed out that, by destabilising Liviu Dragnea, Soros destabilises both the party and the country.

“I don’t believe it’s all about a person. Mr Dragnea is the president of the party. Obviously, by destabilising the president of the party you destabilise the party, the ruling coalition, the Government and, obviously, the country too,” the Premier added.


Tudose, asked whether he talked with Stan about the audits at two editorial offices: Political involvement would be the beginning of the end


Premier Mihai Tudose stated on Monday, when asked whether Bogdan Stan explained the purpose of the audits conducted at two editorial offices, that he does not discuss such issues with the head of ANAF, because the Government’s involvement and political involvement in the activity of an independent body would represent the beginning of the end.

“I’m not asking him where he went, nor where he’s going to go, nor why he went there, because this is [sic] the beginning of the end, basically political involvement, the involvement of the Government in the activity of an independent body,” the Prime Minister said.

He added that those who feel these audits were unjustified have at their disposal all legal means to fight back.

“Basically, I’m interested in results, and those who feel that, I don’t know, that these actions are aggressions or unjustified, they have all the legal levers to fight back,” Mihai Tudose concluded.


“Budget adjustment will be positive; local administration and ministries will receive more money”


Also on Monday, the Head of Government stated, at the end of the ruling coalition meeting, that a first discussion about the budget adjustment will take place next week, pointing out that the budget adjustment will definitely be positive, more money set to be allocated to the local administration and all ministries that come up with arguments in this sense.

Asked when will the budget adjustment take place, the Prime Minister answered: “Next week we’ll have a first discussion about the adjustment; what I can tell you now is that it will be positive.”

Asked whether more money will be allocated to the Defence Ministry, Tudose said that this sector already benefits from 2 percent of GDP.

Likewise, asked which are the departments set to receive more money, the Prime Minister stated: “Starting with the local administration and finishing with the ministries that come up with the justification of the need for the sums.”


“Freezing hiring in public sector seeks to render public administration efficient”


At the same time, Tudose added at the end of the ruling coalition meeting that the freezing of hiring in the public sector seeks to render public administration efficient, since the desire is to create a strong state that is “friendly with the honest citizen.”

“I’ve seen various press leaks claiming we’re freezing the whole administration. No. There’s a project in that Administrative Code that, yes, will seek to freeze hiring in the public sector, but with exceptions. The exceptions stipulated in that project concern high-ranking civil servants, also certain sensitive areas, and stipulate that the relevant minister would have the possibility of hiring at any moment, based on a justified memorandum, because we cannot block any hiring against the backdrop in which, I don’t know, two or three people from a fire brigade, or a clinic or a school might retire. No,” the Premier said.

Tudose added that freezing hiring in the public sector seeks to render public administration efficient, considering that “structures and little structures have sprung up everywhere.”

“But this also seeks to render public administration efficient. An analysis of all that it means, because structures and little structures have sprung up everywhere. We want, as I said, to create a strong state, in the service of the citizen and friendly with the citizen. Of course, with the honest citizen,” Mihai Tudose concluded.


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