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June 22, 2021

ForMin Melescanu: We are to intensify cooperation with Business Ministry to advance Romania’s economic interests

The Foreign Ministry will intensify cooperation with the Ministry of Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship in a joint effort to advance Romania’s economic interests abroad, Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said Monday.

He attended the opening of a forum called “Week of commercial diplomacy,” held by the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship.

In a speech to the event, Melescanu reiterated some key messages in areas of utmost interest to Romania’s economic diplomacy: intensifying coordination between the Foreign Ministry (MAE) and the Ministry of Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship (MMACA) in a joint effort to advance Romania’s economic interests abroad; reconfiguring the network of economic counsellors at Romania’s diplomatic offices abroad to a level that matches realities on global markets and the real demand for support to Romanian companies, especially SMEs, to expand abroad.

MAE reports in a press statement that Melescanu also added to the enumeration consolidating and expanding Romania’s economic and commercial activities in traditional areas as well as emerging markets that have prospects for future development, in order to multiply positive economic impacts on foreign trade and investment size; adequate representation of Romania by MMACA experts in relevant multilateral formats, particularly the EU in Brussels and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva, also from the perspective of Romania holding the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first semester of 2019.

The Romanian chief diplomat underscored MAE’s support to MMACA while voicing readiness to redefine their organisational cooperation framework along bilateral as well as enlarged lines together with other relevant Romanian economic diplomacy players, such as Romania’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for a more efficient promotion of Romania’s economic interests in a complex and competitive global environment.

The event is said to have been a good opportunity for a direct dialogue between the foreign minister the business minister on subjects like the main action guidelines for priority economic diplomacy efforts at the level of diplomatic missions, steered toward supporting economic policy objectives and capitalising on economic, trade and investment opportunities.

The Ministry of Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship is holding, July 10 -14, a forum called “Week of commercial diplomacy. The objective of the event is to find avenues for increasing the efficiency of the foreign commercial network architecture in line with the national export strategy and the efforts to attract foreign investment, and also to increase Romania’s investment footprint on foreign markets, all of which features in the 2017-2020 governing programme.


Photo: Agerpres

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