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March 30, 2023

Turcan: PNL will fight to stop implementation of fiscal aberrations concocted by Dragnea and his servants

National Liberal Party (PNL) First Vice President Raluca Turcan claims that the Liberals will fight “in all democratic ways” in order to stop the implementation of the measures included in PSD’s governing platform, such as the turnover tax and the solidarity tax. At the same time, she asked the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition to “leave the economy alone” and “to levy a tax on blunders and on stupid governmental statements.”

“The turnover tax should not be implemented in any form, no matter how many analyses and simulations Misa and Tudose may start doing, hastily and when the show is over, under Dragnea’s supervision! Let them form a club of turnover tax fans, let them simulate there as long as they want, let them start authoring Ph.D. theses – not plagiarised, if possible – on this topic, let them open a branch in Brazil too! But they should leave the real economy alone, they’ve confused it enough with their senseless talk. There are serious analyses on this topic, they are public, so are the opinions of the specialists in the know: the tax with which Dragnea wants to punish multinational companies will hit most companies, both Romanian and foreign ones,” Raluca Turcan stated on Tuesday.

The PNL First Vice President added that “the solidarity tax should also be sent to the dustbin of failed projects.”

“It’s a dirty form of terminating the flat tax that turned out to be so useful for finances, the economy and investments. What do they want to replace it with? Taxes on top of taxes for those who gain from work, initiative, imagination and creativity! Who is asking for solidarity? Precisely those who hold Romanians in contempt every day,” Turcan added.

She sarcastically recommended that Government members levy a tax on “stupid statements.”

“They’d better levy a tax on the blunders and stupid governmental statements in which several of Dragnea’s ministers are unequalled. Plus, a tax on each initiative that is toxic for the economy. The budget would be seriously fuelled!” the PNL First Vice President added.

Raluca Turcan announced that PNL will use all democratic ways to stop the implementation of “the fiscal aberrations that Dragnea and his servants are concocting.”

“We will be the partners and backers of all entrepreneurs affected by the projects of the Dragnea 2 Government and of all those who reject PSD’s attempts to demonise Western capital and to antagonise public sector and private sector employees, employees and companies,” Raluca Turcan concluded.


Busoi: PNL should politically correlate with all components of the anti-PSD opposition


“I’ve noticed the ‘Romania100’ Platform’s good reaction on the topic of the scholarships offered to resident physicians, which stopped the Government from doing something stupid again, this time toward resident physicians. I can only state that if PNL and all the components of the anti-PSD opposition were to act together, we would have a stronger and politically efficient anti-PSD front. Sooner or later, we need a joint public and political action and I believe this should be assumed and understood by all parties,” Chairman of PNL Bucharest branch,  Cristian Busoi, points out in a press release.

“Despite the PSD Government’s mistakes, politically we see a practical thing – both PNL’s force and anti-PSD mobilisation capacity are now fragmented. We need more political force for our messages to be relevant in society and for the electorate that broke off from PNL: a disappointed and demobilised electorate that expects to be convinced to get involved. I reiterate something that I said before and I continue to believe – apart from the project, the message and the human resource, we need the political force to inspire a change in relation to what the PSD is doing,” he added.





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