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August 5, 2021

The new request for conditional release submitted by Mircea Basescu will be judged next week

Next week, the magistrates of the Medgidia Court will judge the new request for conditional release submitted by Mircea Basescu, sentenced to four years in prison for influence peddling, the initial established term, namely July 12, being changed.

Medgidia Court decided to judge Mircea Basescu’s request for conditional release on July 12. Later, the court changed the term, deciding that the hearing will be held on Wednesday, July 19.

The court’s decision will not be final, it can be appealed at the Constanta Court.

This is the third request for conditional release submitted by the President Traian Basescu’s brother.

At the end of May, the former Head of State Traian Basescu said that his brother, who was transferred at that time from the Poarta Alba Penitentiary to the Jilava Penitentiary, is very sick and he should have been released since September, last year. “I’ve been to Jilava. My brother is there because 5 stents have been introduced in his body. He couldn’t walk. His blood wasn’t flowing anymore. He should have been released since September, last year” Traian Basescu stated.

Mircea Basescu submitted requests for conditional release in the last autumn and this March, showing that he fulfilled all the requirements, both the objective fraction, the number of days that had to be executed, and the subjective criterion, mentioning that he had a good behavior while the detention period and he participated in the activities organized inside the penitentiary. He invoked medical problems, claiming that he needs an open heart surgery to replace the by-passes set up 15 years ago. Mircea Basescu also said in front of the court that he was recently diagnosed with diabetes and he faces a lack of the necessary medicines, making a request to buy them, but even so, he doesn’t receive them every time.

The last court’s decision on Mircea Basescu’s conditional release was given on March 29, by the Constanta Court, which finally rejected his request.

Mircea Basescu is executing his sentence in the Poarta Alba Penitentiary, and his detention regime was changed in February from half-open to open, being moved to the outside section of the Valu lui Traian penitentiary.

Mircea Basescu was finally sentenced in June, 2016, by the Constanta Court of Appeal, to four years in prison for influence peddling, in the case in which he was tried for receiving EUR 250,000 to influence the magistrates to give a solution in a trial whose subject was Sandu Anghel. Thus, the court maintained the initial decision issued by the Constanta Court in January, 2016. In the same case, Marian Capatana was sentenced to three years in prison for complicity in influence peddling.

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