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January 28, 2022

The Prosecution Office attached to ICCJ closed the case on the alleged corruption deeds related to Victor Ponta

The Spokesman of the Prosecution Office attached to the Supreme Court, Ramona Bulcu, stated on Wednesday for News.ro that on May 11, the prosecutors closed the case received from DNA referring to suspicions of tax evasion related to the former PM Victor Ponta, on the ground that the deed does not exist.

Also on Wednesday, Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook that the journalists asked him about the decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office, saying that he’s not the one who should be asked about this, but Prosecutor Gheorghe Uncheselu, who opened and “worked” on this case for two years.

“Journalists are asking me how I comment on the decision of the General Prosecutor’s Office! The accusation of not registering a rental contract to the fiscal authorities could have been checked within maximum 24 hours (because my statement of assets included even the registration no. given by the Gorj Fiscal Administration – the place of my domicile)! Prosecutor Uncheselu opened and “worked” on this my case for two years, and at the end he didn’t close it (on the ground that the deed does not exist, as the law provides), but he declined to the General Prosecutor’s Office to continue the investigation. I believe I’m not the one who should be asked how I comment the decision, but Prosecutor Jean Uncheselu!” Ponta wrote on Facebook.

The Spokesman of the National Anticorruption Directorate, Livia Saplacan, stated in May for News.ro that on March 22, 2017, DNA closed the case in which the Deputies’ Chamber was asked, in 2015, to approve Victor Ponta’s criminal prosecution for conflict of interest. The case was closed because the Deputies’ Chamber rejected DNA’s request to approve starting the criminal prosecution against Ponta for conflict of interest. By the same ordinance that ordered the case to be closed, DNA also ordered to decline the case to the Prosecution Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, “given that there are clues on committing deeds which are not under DNA’s jurisdiction”, Saplacan stated. Judicial sources stated that the case sent by the anticorruption prosecutors to the Prosecution Office attached to the Supreme Court is related to tax evasion offenses.

The case related to the conflict of interest was severed from the “Turceni-Rovinari” case, in which the former PM Victor Ponta, the former Senator Dan Sova and the former managers of the energy complexes Rovinari and Turceni, Laurentiu Dan Ciurel and Dumitru Cristea, are judged since 2015.

On June 5, 2015, DNA asked the Deputies’ Chamber to approve Victor Ponta’s criminal prosecution for conflict of interest, but the deputies rejected the request on June 9, 2015. Prosecutors claimed in the request sent at that time to the Deputies’ Chamber that Victor Ponta, as PM, appointed Dan Sova as Minister, in the context in which he received benefits from him in the past. According to the prosecutors, in August, 2012, Ponta appointed Dan Sova as the Minister for the Relationship with the Parliament, then he appointed him, in December 2012, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure Projects of National Interest and Foreign Investments, and in February 2014, he appointed him Interim Transport Minister, and in March 2014, Sova was appointed as Transport Minister.

The investigation lasted almost four years in the “Turceni-Rovinari” case, judged by the Supreme Court since 2015. Victor Ponta was the first PM after December, 1989, who was sent to court during his term. Prosecutors accuse Victor Ponta that, he obtained from “Sova and Associates” Civil Law Firm, between October, 2007 and December, 2008, through his law office, RON 181,439.98 for activities appearing in papers, but who were never performed. Victor Ponta is judged for forgery in private documents, complicity in tax evasion and money laundering, which are allegedly offenses committed by him as a lawyer, while Dan Sova, who was the coordinator lawyer of the “Sova and Associates” Civil Law Firm at the time of the deeds, is judged for abuse of office, forgery in private documents, tax evasion and money laundering. Laurentiu-Dan Ciurel is accused of three offenses of abuse of office, while obtaining undue benefits for another person, while Dumitru Cristea and Laurentiu-Octavian Graure, former Economic Manager at CET, are accused of abuse of office.

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