PNL Bucharest launches public awareness campaign on PSD administration’s “failures” in Bucharest

PNL Bucharest launched on Saturday a public awareness campaign on the PSD administration’s “failures” in Bucharest and accused Gabriela Firea of not taking responsibilities and of carrying on, “in the most cynical manner,” with “alms” and PR campaigns “that distort reality, deceiving the population.”

“Today, my PNL Bucharest colleagues and I launched a public awareness campaign on the failures of the PSD administration in Bucharest, led by Ms Firea. PNL must be the voice of Bucharesters and must defend their interests. It’s important for Bucharesters to know what really doesn’t work in the administration led by Ms Firea and what PNL can do better,” PNL Bucharest President Cristian Busoi stated, according to a press release.

Busoi claims that Liberals have identified the best solutions to render RADET efficient and to lower the utility bills, to decongest traffic and to lower pollution in Bucharest, “the most polluted European capital.”

“Now, although she didn’t lift a finger for development and well-being, Ms Firea takes no responsibilities and carries on, in the most cynical manner, with alms and PR campaigns that distort reality, deceiving the population. And the results of her ‘performances’ are visible: disaster in traffic, disaster in the heating network and the Pandelisation of Bucharest administration,” Busoi added.


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