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May 17, 2022

PNL’s Raetchi: PSD Gov’t is a disaster for areas of the economy that can ensure Romania’s development

PNL’s Lower House lawmaker Ovidiu Raetchi criticised the PSD Government, stating it represents a disaster for the areas of the economy that can ensure Romania’s development, such as road infrastructure and defence, adding that its approach is slowing down the engines of the economy.

“The PSD Government has produced nothing for those elements that ensure a country’s development. We lack investments in infrastructure. We see nothing consistent in terms of expressways. All major projects are postponed while waiting for a ghostly development fund. Investments in modernising the armed forces, which also entailed the rebirth of local industry, have been checked off only in theory, but are not becoming reality. On the other hand, Romania’s external debt has grown by EUR 1.88 billion in the first five months, a new record high since December 2014, the current account deficit is 15 percent higher compared to the same period of 2016, state investments are the lowest in ten years (down by 54 percent compared to last year), and foreign companies have lowered their direct investments in Romania by 13 percent. There is no ounce of fiscal stability: Liviu Dragnea, Mihai Tudose, Ionut Misa contradict themselves on a daily basis and confuse the business environment,” Ovidiu Raetchi claims, according to a PNL press release.

The Liberal warns that, while cities located in western Romania and led by right-wing mayors (Timisoara, Sibiu, Arad, Oradea, Alba Iulia, Brasov) “changed their look” and underwent a major process of modernisation and consolidation of central and tourism areas, in the cities led by PSD the money is used for social benefits and useless stadiums.



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