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May 18, 2021

Dragnea: Tudose analyzes ANAF activity with utmost rigor; he will take the necessary measures to improve its activity

PSD Chairman, Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday, at the end of the government coalition’s meeting, that he asked PM Mihai Tudose to analyze ANAF activity “very careful and with utmost rigor” and to take the measures he thinks are necessary to improve the institution’s activity, given that he is not “very, very happy”.

“I asked the Prime-Minister to analyze the ANAF activity very careful and with utmost rigor, and he ensured me and my colleagues in the coalition that this will happen in the coming days. I only asked him to seriously analyze the ANAF activity and to take the necessary measures” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Asked about Romania’s situation related to the collection issue, the PSD leader stated that the country’s situation should be much better.

“Romania’s situation is not bad, Romania’s situation should be much better. One of the main reasons for which the other Government was changed consisted in a number of delays with consequences in starting public investment that were expected and very necessary. The second reason – an increase of the collection level and a serious fight against tax evasion. These must be the main goals of ANAF, and implicitly of the Antifraud Department. The Prime-Minister has committed himself that he will make this analysis in a few days, and I told him to take any measures he thinks is necessary to improve ANAF’s activity” added the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber.

Being also asked if he is pleased with the ANAF head’s activity, Liviu Dragnea mentioned that he is not “very, very pleased”.

“I avoid to say what’s my personal opinion about a member of the Government or a head of institution, but given that I asked the Prime-Minister to make this analysis means that probably I am not very, very happy” the PSD Chairman concluded.


“If the Judicial Inspection will not take action by itself following Ana Maria Patru’s statements, I will make a criminal complaint”


Dragnea also stated on Monday, at the Parliament, that he will make a criminal complaint if the Judicial Inspection will not take action by itself related to Ana Maria Patru’s statements according to which she was threatened and blackmailed to make denouncements against him, given that such a practice is “very serious”.

Asked if he was called to DNA following the investigation related to a number of issues presented by Rise Project, Liviu Dragnea answered negatively, but he didn’t exclude the possibility of being heard.

“No. I wasn’t called until now, but this doesn’t mean that I will not be called. After all this campaign, I thought a lot, I don’t know if such a campaign has ever been in Romania before, with resumed issues, reheated soups, which then were put in the freezer, and reheated again. Anything is possible. Of course I have some questions which I’ll express” the PSD leader added.

The Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber also said that he expected the Judicial Inspection to take action by itself following Ana Maria Patru’s statements according to which she was blackmailed to make denounces against him.

“I expected, or I am expecting even now to see some reactions from the leaders of the Romanian Prosecution Offices, after Ana Maria Patru’s statements in which she spoke very clearly and loud about threats and blackmail whose subject she was in order to say something about me, and this seems a very serious thing to me, and I saw everybody left it behind very easy. This is the way in which investigations are made in Romania? Is it a habit, or an isolated case? Maybe somebody should have took action by itself. If the Judicial Inspection or the Attorney General will not take action by themselves, I will make a complaint, hoping only that maybe somebody will provide us with some answers” the PSD Chairman pointed out.

Being asked against whom this complaint could be made, Liviu Dragnea answered: “I don’t know, I will study, I am not a lawyer. I will search, I will talk to the lawyers.”

In a recent interview published by “Evenimentul Zilei”, Ana Maria Patru stated that in her case, deeds that are offenses have been committed, from breaching the proceedings to blackmail, threats, incitement to false testimony or unfair repression.

“My friend, the denouncer Irina Socol, and lawyer Ovidiu Bulai, who was imposed to me, paid by her, forcing me to give up the lawyers I hired, asked me to denounce several politicians, in exchange of being able to see my child” Patru stated.

“Lawyer Ovidiu Bulai, paid by Irina Socol, told me clearly that my arrest proves to be a blow against PSD, although I was never a member of this party and I never played the games of any party. The lawyer asked me to denounce Liviu Dragnea and Sebastian Ghita; I saw the latter twice in my life. I was also asked about Victor Ponta, but they knew that I wasn’t close to the former Prime-Minister in any way” stated the former head of the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP).



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