I hope 100 years from now all will notice we did our duty, said President Iohannis at the Marasti Mausoleum

President Iohannis on Tuesday after-noon attended a military ceremony that celebrated the centennial of the Marasti Battle.  He said that he will also attend August 6 ceremonies celebrating the centennial of the WWI Marasesti Battle.

“I am confirming to you for the first time that I will also be there for the events at Marasesti,” said Iohannis.

“I hope that 100 years from now all will notice we did our duty,” he added.

The Marasti Battle was the first big victory in the history of the Romanian Army, in which 1,469 Romanian soldiers were killed and 3,052 wounded. The Marasti offensive started on July 11, 1917 at 03:50hrs and ended on July 19 under the command of General Alexandru Averescu.

The battlefront was breached over almost 30 km, 20 km deep, sending the German and Austro-Hungarian armies fleeing in disarray for Vrancea Mountains, according to ”Istoria militara a romanilor” (Military History of Romania), Militara Publishing House, 1992 edition.

The Marasti victory meant liberating 30 settlements, an area of about 500 square kilometers, forcing the Central Powers Command to deploy more troops to the area and also to strengthen Germany’s 9th Army under the command of Field Marshall August von Mackensen.

The Marasti Mausoleum, located north-east from the road coming from Panciu, on the eastern slopes of the commune of Marasti, keeps alive the heroics of those who fought this important battle in the summer of 1917 against German and Austro-Hungarian armies. The foundation stone was laid on June 10, 1928 by the Marasti Society. The mausoleum was built is stages that competed in 1938. The soldiers’ bones were entombed in 1940-1941.

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