Iraqi ambassador Sinjari: Romanian companies are welcome to Iraq to help rebuild the country

Romanian companies are welcome to Iraq to contribute toward rebuilding the country, and an Iraqi Business Centre will open in Bucharest this August, Iraqi ambassador in Bucharest Hussain Sinjari said Tuesday.

The statement comes after fights in the Mosul region of Iraq to draw out Islamic State jihadists.

These heroic fights, he said, have saved millions of people in Mosul and the environs, adding that rebuilding Iraq is a current topic.

He said there is a lot to be done, as this is not the end of the story, as this is just the military defeat of Daesh. Now, he added, reconstruction is needed and helping people who have been forced to leave their houses return.

Sinjari addressed the Romanians interested in operating in Iraq, saying that Iraq needs Romanian companies to go there, as they are welcome to help rebuild the country. There is a lot of work to be done, he said, mentioning to the point the oil industry, and rebuilding the destroyed school houses, hospitals and streets. He said the Iraqi mission is ready to help those interested.

Sinjari also said that there is a very active Romanian ambassador in Iraq as well as a consulate and a business centre in Erbil, adding that the Iraqi mission in Romania is very happy to help Romanian business people go to Iraq to contribute toward rebuilding the country.

Asked about the security guarantees in the country, the ambassador said that after the chasing out of Daesh, Iraq’s security is much better, but nobody can claim that a country is hundred percent safe anywhere in the world now.

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