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September 27, 2022

Smart CityRO, Former CommMin Bostan:All cities are smart in their own way, more or less

Former Minister of Communications and Information Society Marius Bostan and initiator of the Smart City Alba Iulia project told Agerpres in an interview that all cities are smart in their own way, more or less, and on a local level there should be a leader of digital transformation.

Marius Bostan is convinced that the majority, the most part of Romania’s cities wants to go towards an intelligent city.

“I believe that, on a local level, there should be a leader of digital transformation in each city. Each city should have a CIO or a leader of the city’s digital transformation. This will make the path easier for achieving the objectives,” he stated.

Bostan said that in Bucharest, the speed of implementing digitization has decline. Bostan mentions that the investment in new technology systems in Bucharest is urgent, because to a population of over 2.5 million residents, the economic impact would be higher than in other cities.

“I believe that the path of the cities is currently towards cloud [private storage unit]. I believe that in the future, most part of the cities will migrate towards cloud. Services will be delivered to third parties. There is no point in investing in many computing infrastructures, such as in the computer sciences’ system, and cloud is a good solution. At the same time, Bucharest is a city with many possibilities, unfortunately, we cannot say that it’s the most advanced of Romania in this area. I believe that the investment in new technology systems is urgent in Bucharest. Here we have to deal with over 2.5 million inhabitants and the economic impact could be higher than in other cities,” Bostan stated.

The RePatriot, the repatriation project through entrepreneurship for Romanians in the Diaspora, launched by the Romanian Business Leaders, gets involved and endorses this smart city initiative.

“There are Romanians in many places around the world because they have been exposed to these new technologies, they have worked on implementing similar projects, there are Romanians working in Amsterdam, Oslo, Paris, Lyon, Silicon Valley people connected to the smart city phenomenon and the implementation of such systems. They can bring an extraordinary contribution voluntarily. I am connected to many Romanians who work in the field of information technology. This connection has helped me carry out what I do today,” Bostan said.

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