UNJR: Justice Minister misrepresents court action over secret judiciary archives

The National Union of Romania’s Judges (UNJR) is arguing that Justice Minister Tudorel Toader (photo) has misinformed the public opinion when announcing that a court denied its motion to repeal government decision regarding the archives of the Anti-Corruption and Protection Independent Service (SIPA).

On July 15, Toader posted a message on Facebook announcing that a court denied UNJR’s motion to repeal government decision HG 410/2017 concerning the establishment of a commission to inventory the SIPA archives.

UNJR says its motion with the Bucharest Court of Appeal asks for a suspension of the government decision, not its repeal.

Moreover, it shows that in his same message, Toader claims that the Justice Ministry has been waiting since June 19 for the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) and professional associations recommendations for a magistrate to sit on the SIPA archives inventory commission.

“This is yet another manipulation by Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, because the word ‘waiting’ has no legal coverage because the government decision initiated by him does not provide for a magistrate to sit on the commission inventorying the SIPA archives, as the composition of the commission only comprises officials of the executive power (Article 2 (1)) in the decision). This is in fact one of the reasons UNJR has challenged in court HG 410/2017. This is not the first manipulation game played by Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, when he presents only half-truths in order to mislead the public opinion about the actions regarding the SIPA archives,” says UNJR.

UNJR adds that when he campaigned for HG 410/2017, Toader publicly stated that he wants the SIPA archives to be declassified, but judges warned that as its stands, HG 410/2017 will not lead to the declassification of the SIPA archives, but it will open a new stage in suspicions over the management of these archives adding up to the existing ones.

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