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December 7, 2022

PM Tudose: There is only one command center, namely governing coalition and Gov’t

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose rejected on Tuesday the idea of “multiple command centers” existing, adding that decisions are being made jointly with the ruling coalition and the Government.

“There are no multiple command centers, it’s very simple, it was my decision and I insisted, there are more command centers when there are many people who think separately about the same thing or about different things in the same context. Having periodical meetings (…), we have two things to straighten out, on the one hand that governing programme that we need to take care of, it has sense, coherence and we must carry it out, and, on the other hand, new situations appear daily, some of which we have to respond, unpredictable situations, but also appearing daily are new ideas. If we all talk, there will be no command centers everywhere, there is only one command center, it’s the governing coalition with the Gov’t together,” the PM told Realitatea TV private television station.

In his opinion, the existence of a permanent dialogue won’t allow the formation of some centers of power, that will possibly take divergent actions.

“If everybody knows about what everyone is doing, and Parliament about the Gov’t, and the Gov’t about Parliament, and the governing coalition, because … we live in a democratic country and the essence of democracy is the political leadership. Parliament generates a Gov’t, everything is, after all, a political construction. (…) As long as we meet officially, once a week, and unofficially we see each other almost every day (…), as long as we all know about what we do and we agree, there are no centers of power,” Mihai Tudose mentioned.


“It is not the right time for the household tax, we’re not ready yet”


“It is not yet the right time for the household tax, but the government will not give up the idea of implementing this kind of charging system”, on Tuesday said Prime Minister Mihai Tudose.

“I didn’t say we give it up, it is not the right time, we are not ready right now, but we should work hard to implement this kind of charging, from the state’s structure viewpoint, too, because a technical component is also needed (…), and from the human infrastructure’s point of view, with those tax counsellors (…). It is very hard for us to imagine that all of the Romanian population will know how to fill in such a form, how to use this system, how to work out their deductions in this system. But, those tax counsellors will be and this is what they’ll do, they’ll be ready,” Mihai Tudose told on Tuesday night at the Realitatea TV private broadcaster.

The Premier did not specify when the new taxation system could be enforced, but stressed that previously the citizens must be prepared to accept it.

“There could be one year, two years or three, this is a target we should head to if wanted to be a normal, civilised country. (…) Apart from the things that are the government’s job, we should work very much and (…) to what it means to accept this system and to be understood by the population and the fact that this system is good for the people, for the family, for the household,” Mihai Tudose added.

He also said that all fiscal amendments the Gov’t is having in view will be well prepared and announced in due time.

“Taxation is always adjusting, and yet there will not be forced amendments over night, the ones we learn from you, the TV stations, momentarily. They will be announced, we have a law with six months predictability. But in what means fiscal burden to the economic operators or fiscal burden to the Romanians, that is not going to happen. There will be only measures to settling a financial discipline,” the Premier specified.


“Budget revision to have many pluses, no money to be cut off from investments”


Tudose said that the budget revision will have many pluses and no money will be cut off from investments.

“You won’t see money being cut off from investments, it will actually be a revision with many pluses,” Mihai Tudose told Realitatea Tv private broadcaster at the end of a meeting he had in Mamaia Black Sea resort with representatives of the tourism employer’s association, when asked about the budget revision that is to come and if money are to be cut off from investments.

Asked whether the target of salary increases that were promised to be implemented next year will be achieved, the Prime Minister argued that there will be money for paying salaries.

“They want more [money]. The billions of euro that have been and which are still introduced in the economy will produce. The economy’s wheels are starting to move. I, too, have heard the desperate outcry of the Opposition saying ‘wow, in September there will be no money for pensions and salaries!’ Forgive me, but this is stupid (…), there is no such thing. Therefore, we will stand in 3 percent deficit target without any problems and we will have money for all the major investments we have promised,” Tudose stated.

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