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June 22, 2021

Supreme Court rescinds conditional bail measure for Ioana Basescu. Elena Udrea’s conditional bail remains in force

High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) judges rescinded on Tuesday the conditional bail measure ruled against Ioana Basescu in the dossier concerning the financing of ex-President Traian Basescu’s elections campaign. Likewise, ICCJ judges decided to uphold the conditional bail measure ruled against Elena Udrea.

“Admits the challenge lodged by defendant Basescu Ioana against the ruling issued on 11 July 2017 by the Bucharest Court of Appeals. Partly rescinds the challenged ruling and via retrial: rescinds the conditional bail measure ruled against defendant Basescu Ioana. Rejects, as groundless, the challenges lodged by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the National Anticorruption Directorate and defendant Tarhon Victor against the same rulings. Upholds the other stipulations of the challenged ruling,” reads the decision adopted on Tuesday and published on the ICCJ’s website.

Thus, the conditional bail measures remain in force for Elena Udrea, Victor Tarhon, Gheorghe Nastasia and Ioan Silviu Wagner.

According to judicial sources, the magistrates agreed that Elena Udrea can leave the country for Greece, where she is set to undergo medical investigations from July 20 to August 10.

On July 11, the Bucharest Court of Appeals had noted the legality of the conditional bail measure ruled against Elena Udrea, Ioana Basescu, Gheorghe Nastasia, Victor Tarhon and Ioan Silviu Wagner, the magistrates deciding to uphold the conditional bail measures ruled against them. Their decision was challenged at the Supreme Court.

Elena Udrea, Ioana Basescu – ex-President Traian Basescu’s eldest daughter, Gheorghe Nastasia, Victor Tarhon, Ioan Silviu Wagner – former Oil Terminal CEO, businessman Giovanni Mario Francescu – Ioana Basescu’s ex-lover, and political consultant Dan Andronic are indicted in the dossier concerning the presidential campaign of 2009.

Elena Udrea, Minister of Tourism and Regional Development at the time and directly involved in Traian Basescu’s presidential campaign in 2009, was remitted under conditional bail and indicted for instigation to bribery and money laundering.

Gheorghe Nastasia, former General Secretary of the Ministry of Development, and Victor Tarhon, former Chairman of the Tulcea County Council, were indicted for passive bribery. Ioana Basescu, notary public and daughter of former President Traian Basescu, was indicted for instigation to embezzlement and money laundering. Ioan Silviu Wagner, general manager of a state-owned company at the time, was indicted for embezzlement. Likewise, journalist Dan Andronic was indicted for perjury and aiding and abetting the perpetrator.

Prosecutors argue that in 2009, in the context of the presidential campaign, the proceeds of corruption, embezzlement and tax evasion were collected and later used for the payment of services rendered during the electoral campaign.

According to prosecutors, Udrea Elena Gabriela was the link between the persons who were illegally obtaining the money and the campaign service providers. She was running an informal campaign staff for one of the candidates at the time and, in this capacity, she was coordinating both the procurement of campaign services and the persons who acted as intermediaries for the payments made, so that the sums of money would end up at the service providers. The remittance of the proceeds of crime was made via the signing of fictitious contracts with companies that were actually providing services in the elections campaign, namely street advertisement, printing of posters, media advertisement, building of webpages, press monitoring, organising of shows and consultancy services, according to prosecutors.



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