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May 10, 2021

More than 10,000 spectators have seen “On Body and Soul” in Romania. The movie awarded with Golden Bear in Berlin will be presented in the “Forum” section of the Sarajevo International Film Festival

“On Body and Soul” / „Teströl és lélekröl”, the great winner of this year’s edition of the Berlin International Film Festival has recorded more than 10,000 spectators who were ticket payers in Romania. The film was released on the screens on June 30, and this week it will be screened in Bucharest (Hollywood Multiplex, Cinema City AFI Palace Cotroceni, Cinema Muzeul Taranului, Cinema Elvira Popescu, Cinemateca Union and Cinema Europa), Cluj Napoca (Cinema Victoria), Timisoara (Cinema City and Casa Artelor), Targu Mures (Cinema Arta 3D) and Sfantu Gheorghe (Cinema Arta by Cityplex). In Timisoara, “n Body and Soul” will be screened on Saturday, July 22, at Casa Artelor, within Ceau, Cinema!

On Body and Soul (the international title) was announced on July 18, in the “Forum” section of the Sarajevo International Film Festival.

Romania is the first country, after Hungary, where the movie was released in cinemas. “On Body and Soul” created a real phenomenon not only among the art film lovers, but it also succeeded to conquer the audience by the innocence and sincerity with which it brings an unusual love story on the screens.

“On Body and Soul” (the original title: „Teströl és lélekröl”) represents the return of the film director Ildikó Enyedi on the international stage of the European cinema, after 18 years of absence. Her previous movie, “Simon Mágus”, released in 1999, won the Special Award of the Locarno Jury and her debut movie, “My Twentieth Century”, won Camera d’Or at Cannes.

About “On Body and Soul”, the film director says: “The main idea of the movie came to me just like that, in a moment: what if one day you meet someone who dreams the same dreams as you at night? What would you do? Would it be exciting? Would you be scared? Would you be amused? Or it would rather be something intrusive? Or maybe romantic? The circumstances working like an engine are ideal for a movie. Circumstances that create questions to which you want so much to get answers, which then create new questions: if you overcome the shock, what would you do with this information? Would you put your soul on a plate for this another person? What if you are not a romantic person at all? What if you are shaking when you think at these esoteric nonsense? What if you have problems in managing your emotions? Would you be able to face this stranger next day after you shared your delicate dreams to each other?”

“On Body and Soul” is an unusual love story between two introverted persons who discover, by an accident, that they have the same dream every night. Endre is the Financial Manager of a slaughterhouse where Maria is transferred to be in charge with the quality control. An internal incident makes Endre bring a shrink to interview the employees. Thus, every night, they are dreaming the same dream. What seemed to be a happening at the beginning, turns into a nice story about emotion and love, and most of all about two people learning how to express their real feelings, despite the barriers they imposed to themselves.

The movie was screened in Romania in a preview, at Cluj, at TIFF 2017; both of the screenings were sold out.

At Berlinale, where “On Body and Soul” was enthusiastically welcomed by the press and the jury, as well as by the audience, the movie was awarded with 4 trophies: The Golden Bear for the Best Movie, the Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury for a Movie in the Competition, the FIPRESCI (International Federation of the Movie Criticists) Award for the Best Movie in the Competition, and the Award of the Film Lover Readers of the Berliner Morgenpost.


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