Cluj: 11 U.S. servicemen injured in parachute jump at Swift Response 17-1 exercise, discharged from hospital. Only one remains hospitalised

Eleven American servicemen, who were injured during a night-time parachute jump conducted as part of the Swift Response 17-1 military exercise taking place at the 71st Airbase Campia Turzii, have been discharged from the Cluj-Napoca Military Hospital. Only one remains hospitalised, being diagnosed with spinal cord concussion.

Cluj-Napoca Military Hospital Commander Doina Baltaru stated on Sunday, for MEDIAFAX, that the injured servicemen mainly suffered from sprained ankles.

“Eleven American servicemen who were hospitalised here with minor traumas, mainly with sprained ankles, have been discharged; only one remains, with spinal cord concussion, but not fracture. However, for pain control purposes, he needs to remain hospitalised. He will be discharged probably on Monday or Tuesday,” Baltaru said.

Twelve American servicemen who took part in a night-time parachute jump on Friday, conducted as part of the Swift Response 17-1 exercise taking place at the 71st Airbase Campia Turzii, were injured and hospitalised at the Military Hospital in Cluj-Napoca.

Atlantic Resolve Public Relations Officer Brent M. Williams stated on Saturday, for MEDIAFAX, that the American servicemen are in stable condition.

“Twelve American servicemen were injured during the night-time parachute jump that took place on Friday, as part of the exercise at Campia Turzii. They received emergency medical treatment for their injuries and were transported to the Cluj-Napoca Military Hospital for subsequent investigations. Ten of the servicemen will return to their unit in the next 24-48 hours, and the other two will remain hospitalised for treatment and observation as a result of their wounds. The twelve servicemen are in a stable medical condition,” Williams said.

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