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September 28, 2021

JusMin announces signing of protocol on juridical education in schools. Pupils will learn about the Romanian Constitution, general notions of law and anticorruption elements, based on an inter-ministerial protocol

Primary, secondary and high school pupils will learn about the Constitution of Romania, the legislative process, the functioning of the judiciary, basic elements of civil and criminal law, but also about fighting corruption, based on a protocol signed by the Justice Ministry, Education Ministry, Supreme Magistracy Council, High Court of Cassation and Justice and the Public Ministry.

The Justice Ministry announced on Sunday the signing of a protocol on juridical education in school.

“Juridical education in schools will be adapted, according to the current protocol, to the daily realities pupils are facing. They will better know their rights, but also obligations as citizens. The concept of juridical education in schools is meant to promote the rule of law and democracy in society, in general, and among the young generations in particular, by communicating notions of juridical education adapted to primary, secondary and high school education levels, in an attractive manner that would contain relevant information for pupils and teachers,” the Justice Ministry informed.

The fields that will be addressed by juridical education in pre-university education units are: the Constitution of Romania; rights, liberties and fundamental duties; aspects concerning the legislative process; general aspects concerning the way the judiciary is organised and functions; basic elements of civil and criminal law; the forms of juridical accountability; some aspects concerning international organisations and relations; elements pertaining to the prevention of and the fight against corruption.

At the same time, juridical education in schools will support the involvement of other judiciary partners in this overture: public institutions and authorities that are relevant for the judiciary domain; representatives of liberal professions, such as: lawyers, notaries public, court enforcement officers, mediators, insolvency experts, representatives of civil society who are invited to adhere to the objective of promoting juridical education in pre-university education units.

Apart from the theoretical side, pupils will also visit the Justice Ministry, the Public Ministry, the headquarters of other public authorities and institutions that are relevant for the judiciary domain, as well as courts and prosecutor’s offices.

According to Justice Ministry officials, the signing of the protocol on juridical education in schools is one of the important overtures for the training of youths, alongside internship and practice programmes organised within the institution.

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