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September 29, 2020

PM, Police trade unions discuss new Police laws, necessary staff, equipment

Labour and Internal Affairs Ministers meet to discuss Police hiring new staff


The Government announced on Monday, following Prime Minister Mihai Tudose’s talks with a delegation from the National Union of Police Agents (NUPA), that the Prime Minister will ask the Interior Ministry to conduct an analysis on police equipping requirements, an analysis on whose basis a solution will be presented “in the shortest of times.”

The Premier’s talks with NUPA union members centred on the approval of the new Statute of the policeman and on staffing and equipment requirements.

“The prime minister pointed out, in the talks with the members of police unions, that a new Police law, drawn up with representatives of professional associations, is necessary to define very clearly the rights and the specific aspects of this profession,” the Government’s press office informs.

“An important aspect regarded changes to be made in healthcare insurances to reflect the risks involved in the law enforcement profession,” the statement says.

It adds that the prime minister said he understands the trade union’s demands for the equipment the Police need, and will shortly come up with a solution after an analysis requested from the interior minister that takes into account budgetary constraints.

In what concerns the staffing needs, Tudose told the members of SNAP that solutions will come after the process of auditing central administration positions, including those within the Police.

“Regarding the staffing needs, the prime minister mentioned that the role of the inter-ministerial committee, established last Thursday under a government ordinance, is precisely to audit the administration positions, including those at the Police, and come up with solutions to secure human resources efficiency. At the same time, the prime minister voiced openness to a proposal of the representatives of the National Trade Unions of Romania’s Police Agents to increase flexibility of time and training of police officers so that career promotion becomes gradual and relies on practical performance at the work place,” the Government informs.

The talks also touched on the wage issue, Mihai Tudose stating that he asked the Labour Minister and the Interior Minister for an analysis on and solutions to the police officers’ wage demands.


Police trade union members and Premier agree that new Statute should be drafted and at least 4,000 people should be hired this year


Iulian Surugiu, leader of the National Union of Police Agents (NUPA), announced on Monday, after NUPA delegation’s talks with Premier Mihai Tudose, that the rapid drafting of a new Statute and the hiring of at least 4,000 persons this year were agreed upon. Likewise, the Government announced that the Premier will ask the Interior Ministry for an analysis on the policemen’s equipping needs, on whose basis it will present a solution “in the shortest of times.”

Iulian Surugiu pointed out that the drafting of a new Statute will have to take place urgently, within two months’ time, and the new form should also include a career guide.

Another emergency consists of addressing the personnel deficit within the Interior Ministry.

“We talked about the students who have completed a year of military school training in Campina, Cluj, and wherever we have police schools, so that we may be able to hire them this year. I say (…) that a child who attends one year of military schooling is better prepared than someone taken off the streets and dressed up in uniform. We talked about the fact that with the Police laws, there will be a reform in the Police, and there must be more officers on the streets, but that’s an old problem (…), as we find fewer policemen on the streets as many of them are in offices. We need wage bonuses for street work and better pay,” said Surugiu.

“This year, the National Trade Union of Police Agents has called for a minimum of 4,000 people to be hired. He has agreed with us and is thinking of giving us more,” Surugiu said.

Asked by journalists if he is happy with the outcome of the government talks, Surugiu said that he found at the Government headquarters “a prime minister who knows what he wants, knows the issues and who is a determined man.”

“I did not issue timelines, because I cannot do that; we said that within a reasonable timeframe, and I repeat – in two months’ time, all of this should happen.”

Likewise, union members and the Head of Government also discussed changing the way the police currently operate. “We discussed the fact that, with the policeman’s Statute, there will also be a reform within police, because there must be more men on the street. It’s an old problem we raised before and hasn’t occurred so far. There are few policemen on the street and many in offices,” Surugiu stated.

Another issue union members insisted on was the procurement of 10,000 auto vehicles, something that should be done rapidly, within a month or two. In what concerns the componence of police patrols, Surugiu insisted that the minister’s order that stipulates that police patrols should consist of two police officers should be respected. “I’m interested in the policeman not being on his own. There is an order that very clearly says that the police patrol is made up of two police officers, not of one police officer and one local policeman etc.,” the union member said.

Surugiu also asked for an audit on dossiers in which criminal investigations are ongoing. “I’ve asked the Premier to ask the Prosecutor General’s Office to tally, alongside the Interior Ministry, the criminal dossiers in Romania, and in the cases in which a reasonable period has elapsed, to ask why nothing has happened in that dossier. We understand some dossiers are complex, but we can’t tolerate this because dossiers that are not resolved within a reasonable deadline lead to corruption, and we don’t want that,” Iulian Surugiu added.


Tudose: 2018 class may join the Police force right now; we have a staffing deficit of 20,000 people


Premier Mihai Tudose stated on Monday, after he took part in the meeting of PSD’s National Standing Bureau, that the problem of police staffing will be resolved. He pointed out that the police schools’ 2018 class may join the police force right now, considering that the staffing deficit exceeds 20,000 people.

“Today, Minister Olguta Vasilescu, Minister Carmen Dan and colleagues from the Finances [Ministry] will meet to establish to what extent we can solve the police staffing problem. A trade union came up with a very good idea today, for the class of 2018 to be enlisted right now, for us to find a formula, and for them to complete their studies by next year. It’s a first step. Then the wage issues and to see how we can solve or start solving the Police’s equipping,” the Prime Minister said.

He claimed that “the [staffing] deficit exceeds 20,000 [people].”

“The unions were also complaining of the fact that they are tallied as being 80,000 police officers. In fact, there are 40,000 police officers and the rest are support service personnel, starting with canteens and ending with artistic ensembles,” Mihai Tudose added.

The Prime Minister explained that the premise used is that a person who has spent two years in a police school is better prepared to work in this field than one “brought in from the street.”

“We’re looking for a measure, a solution, for that class of 2018 to be already enlisted. Now they are just high school graduates, but they should already be enlisted, because we’re starting off from the premise that those who have already spent two years in school are better prepared than some who are brought in from the street and made policemen,” the Premier concluded.



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