PNL Vice-Chairman Florin Citu sends open letter to President Klaus Iohannis. He asks the Head of State to start the project on the Pact for the Development of Romania’s Infrastructure

The Vice-Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Florin Citu, sent on Saturday an open letter to President Klaus Iohannis, in which he is “respectfully asking” him to take the necessary steps in order to start the project on the National Pact for the Development of Romania’s Infrastructure (PNDIR), mentioning that the country needs urgently a national project for infrastructure “conducted under the auspice” of the Head of State.

“It’s time for all of us to be aware of Romania’s urgent need of a national project for infrastructure conducted under your auspice. Romanian economy has long outpaced the moment in which it can develop without such a project” reads the Liberal Senator’s open letter.

Florin Citu mentioned that the experience of the 27 years of Romanian politics, in which all the parties succeeded in governing, “has brought us in the today’s situation”, claiming that all the government programs spoke a lot about this issue, but almost nothing has been done.

The Liberal appreciates that we cannot speak about regionalization, development or increasing the lagging region in terms of economy, if we cannot interconnect through a rod infrastructure that is at least decent.

“We will continue to allocate money with no result as long as important regions in the country will be isolated from the rest of the country and from Europe. It’s the zero moment for important decisions!” Citu believes.

The PNL Vice-Chairman suggested the President to convene all the political parties at Cotroceni in order to issue and assume a National Pact for the Development of Romania’s Infrastructure and to form a Presidential Committee for this project, consisting of Romanian and international experts.

“The Presidential Committee will design a project on the perspective of the Romanian infrastructure development for the next 8 years. The project will be subject to the Romanian Parliament’s vote and will be assumed by all the political parties. At the end of each year, the Presidential Committee will submit a report to the Romanian parliament, regarding the stage of achieving the projects included in the National Pact for the Development of the Romania’s Infrastructure, regardless of the governing party or the coalition. A law should be issued in order for this Pact to be financially supported by multiannual budgeting, so that this Pact will be permanently financed regardless of who will govern. The destination of the funds allocated for this Pact, both at central and local level, cannot be changed. A number of three project of national importance will be established, and they will be achieved and followed until the end, in the next 4 years, by implementing this Pact. Local authorities will be involved in providing the secondary infrastructure related to the projects defined in the Pact”, are Citu’s suggestions for the Head of State.

“Appreciating that my approach is vital in this moment for Romania, I am respectfully asking you, Mr. President, to take the necessary steps in order to start this project, together with all the Romanian people. Romanians always mobilized around the great projects: joining NATO, EU integration, national support of the educational system and not at last, the national defense!” Citu concluded.



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