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Premier Tudose to meet police officers on Monday, to discuss their rights and obligations

On Monday morning, Premier Mihai Tudose will meet the representatives of the National Union of Police Agents, in order to discuss with them the statute of policemen, their rights and obligations, so that situations similar to the one registered in Suceava, where a law enforcement officer was killed in a train station, while on patrol, will be avoided.

According to the official agenda, Premier Mihai Tudose is scheduled to meet the representatives of the National Union of Police Agents on Monday, at 11 a.m., to discuss the policemen’s rights and obligations.

On Saturday, the Head of Government stated policemen will no longer go on one-man patrol missions, pointing out that the risk factor for this line of work is “terrible.”

“I’ve talked with unions too, I’ve also talked with the minister (Interior Minister Carmen Dan – editor’s note). We must avoid, because, indeed, the degree of danger for this line of work, of patrolling by yourself, is terrible. And they’re not patrolling in quiet places either, but where there is a negative potential. But patrols will never again be one-man patrols. He’d put his life at risk absolutely gratuitously,” Premier Mihai Tudose stated following the death of the policeman in Suceava.

Policeman Sorin Vezeteu (38) was killed in the Burdujeni train station in Suceava, on Thursday evening. He was stabbed multiple times by a 23-year-old man. The man was placed under pre-trial arrest on Friday afternoon after prosecutors detained him earlier that day. The police officer of the Railway Transport section died due to a plenty of coups applied by the killer with a cutting weapon; law enforcement officials stated that around 40 coups were found on the victim’s body. The aggressor, a young man from Valea Moldovei, admitted the deed right after he committed it and told the policemen on the spot that he has no regrets. He was arrested for 30 days.

According to the statements of the Interior Minister, Sorin Vezeteu was on the shift with at least one more police officer, but at the time of the attack he was alone, the other policeman being 100-150 meters far from him.

On Saturday, President Klaus Iohannis signed the decree posthumously conferring the National Order ‘For Merit’ to deputy police commissioner Sorin Vezeteu.


The reaction of the Police Union after the changes announced by Tudose regarding the patrols: 20,000 people have to be hired in order for us to operate with two police officers on a shift


The President of the Police Union and of the Contractual Staff (SNPPC), Dumitru Coarna, stated for Mediafax that, considering the current staff, patrolling with two people is not possible, as PM Tudose asked, and 20,000 people need to be hired at national level for this.

“In terms of the current staff, and if we operate with the same police units, this is not possible. In the rural areas, and related to the railway and naval transport police, it isn’t possible for sure. Now, we operate 80 percent on damage system in the rural areas and in the railway and naval transport police units, with a single man on a shift. The 2nd and the 3d shifts are provided by a single police officer, because of the lack of employees” Dumitru Coarna stated.

The representative of the Union mentioned that there are two ways in which patrols will not consist of a single man anymore: either the number of the territorial police units will decrease, meaning some of them will be closed, or people will be hired.

“The staff shortage must be diminished for the future. The Minister called us to discuss on this matter on Monday. A review of these police units in the rural areas should be made, and they should be joint, with a certain patrolling schedule where the shift should consist of minimum two policemen. We should co-opt the Gendarmerie, I think at a joint action with the Gendarmerie, they could help us in the rural areas. The clear, optimal solution is to hire people. We patch up, we use short-term tricks, trying to solve problems, but it doesn’t work, there are not enough people. Right now, with 20,000 at national level, I think we could be relaxed in a certain extent, and we could form these patrols in the rural areas, in the transport police units, in the public order units. 20,000 people are needed in order for us to be able to function with two policemen on a shift” Dumitru Coarna added for MEDIAFAX.

PM Mihai Tudose announced on Saturday that patrols will never be formed by a single policeman, mentioning that he discussed with the Interior minister, Carmen Dan, after policeman Sorin Vezeteu was killed on Thursday evening in the Burdujeni Railway Station from Suceava, by a 23-year-old young man.

“I talked with both the unions and the Minister, we must avoid this, because the level of danger of this work consisting in patrolling alone is terrible. Besides, they are not patrolling in quiet places, but in places with negative potential. Patrols will never be provided by a single man from now on. He puts his life in danger absolutely for nothing” Mihai Tudose stated.


Thousands attend funeral of police officer stabbed to death at a train station


Thousands of people on Sunday attended the funeral of police officer Sorin Vezeteu, who was murdered on Thursday evening at Burdujeni railway station, Suceava County, at his hometown of Dumbraveni.

A religious ceremony took place at the Dumbraveni church, after which the funeral cortege went to the cemetery where Viziteu was buried with military honours.

A large number of his colleagues from the Railway Transport Police, employed by the Suceava County Police Inspectorate, the County Police Inspectorate and the Suceava Emergency Inspectorate, relatives, friends and local people showed up to accompany Vezeteu on his last journey.

Also attending the church funeral service was Interior Minister Carmen Dan.


 IntMin Dan: We need legislation that supports police authority


Interior Minister Carmen Dan said Sunday in Suceava that a very clear legislation is needed that supports the authority of the police and the riot gear they can use when enforcing the law.

“We have to bring people well-trained people to the Police, because such instances must never happen again; we must have riot gear the Police can use when enforcing the law; we must have very well-defined legislation to support the authority of the Police officers. We will be acting in this sense,” Dan told the funeral of policeman Sorin Vezeteu, who was stabbed to death while on a mission at Suceava Train Station.

She said that she had convened the representative trade unions for Monday morning to also discuss the Police laws.

“I would like all those who feel the need for an open discussion with the minister and the Ministry of Interior’s leadership team to show up. Because there has been talk of the Police laws lately, and because I have noticed that, and nothing happened, I want to invite everyone who is in the streets every day facing such serious problems, those who are at risk to bring their contribution. This is a public invitation I am launching to rural policemen, the highway, transport and proximity police forces. They are those who work in extremely sensitive areas and who really have neither the support of the authority nor the means necessary to carry out their duty under good circumstances and feel protected, ” said Dan, adding that she would like the Police laws to originate with the Police instead of with the ministry.

At the same time, Dan pointed out that the Police human resources shortage needs to be overcome.

“No matter how hard it is to us, we have to admit that at present the Police are alone in many situations, when patrolling, because there is no personnel … This cannot change overnight, but as we have managed so far, we will bring people into the system in a few months’ time, I want a long-time approach, to know what can we do right now and what we can do in time to cover this huge shortage, “said Dan.

According to her, another concern of the ministry is the provision of riot gear.

“In the immediate run, we are considering solutions for the Police to be equipped with the minimum of what we can provide now. I mean stab proof vests and vehicles to be used when on missions,” Dan said.

She added that legislative support for the Police is very important, and, together with the ministries of justice and finance, she will seek solutions to bring about improvements.

“No matter how much we want people in the system to be equipped with everything they need to intervene, they also need to be supported by legislation. We are talking about reconsidering the offences of contempt of cop, disturbing the peace and the use of weapons (…), ” Dan said.


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