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May 15, 2021

Bodog: Tomorrow we will present the report on vaccination, on the vaccine stocks, on the immunizations and on those who refuse immunization

The Health Minister Florian Bodog stated for News.ro that he will present on Wednesday to the PM the report on vaccination, including the most recent reports of the public health county departments related to the vaccine stocks and of those who refuse to immunize their children.

“We have to receive several more reports from the public health departments this evening, so that on Wednesday we will be ready with the final report and we will have an accurate picture of the vaccination situation. The report will include, among others, data on the existing vaccine stocks, on the immunized and unimmunized children and on the reason for not vaccinating them. Of course, where information could be obtained, we will also see if the vaccination wasn’t done because the parents refused immunization” the Health minister explained.

The Public Health County Departments and the one from Bucharest also set a calendar to recover vaccination of the unimmunized children.

The General Manager of the Bucharest Health Department (DSPMB), Dr. Cristina Pelin, stated for News.ro that there are several dozens of parents who refused vaccination. “According to the reports of the family doctors it appears that there are several dozens of unvaccinated children because their parents refused vaccination. Doctors give explanations to the parents, but I they refuse vaccination, they cannot be forced” stated the Head of DSPMB.

PM Mihai Tudose met the Health Minister, Florian Bodog, on Tuesday at the Victoria Palace, asking him to present the report on the campaign to raise awareness on the necessity of the children’s vaccination no later than Thursday’s Government meeting, telling him that he no longer accepts any delay, official sources stated for News.ro.

“PM asked Minister Bodog to prepare the report until Thursday’s Government meeting, preferably tomorrow” stated the quoted sources.

According to them, Tudose told Bodog that he no longer accepts any delay.

Another topic was the stage regarding Romania’s candidacy for relocating the European Medicines Agency in Bucharest, according to the same sources.

The Health Ministry has recently launched a measles vaccination campaign, involving local authorities, who will have to identify children aged nine months to nine years – the age group that are most affected by the epidemic – who have not been vaccinated, as well as the places where they will be immunized, if there are no medical units in their localities.

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