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September 24, 2020

Marian Neacsu: Victor Ponta and Catalin Ivan are no longer PSD members; Sorin Grindeanu is still in the party’s database

PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu stated on Monday that Victor Ponta and Catalin Ivan are no longer in the PSD membership database, unlike Sorin Grindeanu, in whose case PSD Timis is expected to formalise the PSD Executive Committee’s decision to exclude him by removing him from the database.

“Mr Victor Ponta and Mr Catalin Ivan are no longer among party members. Sorin Grindeanu was still in the database because the ability to introduce or remove from the database belongs to the county branch whose member he is. This is an aspect we will clarify in Timisoara tomorrow afternoon,” Marian Neacsu stated at the end of PSD’s National Standing Bureau (NSB) meeting.

Neacsu pointed out that Grindeanu will soon be erased from the party membership database. “Sorin Grindeanu is no longer PSD member following the National Executive Committee’s decision, but he is present in the database, which is a statistical indicator, because the main branch operates in it and the NatExCom decision is yet to be formalised,” Neacsu pointed out.

In what concerns the leadership of PSD Timis, Neacsu said Vice President Petru Andea was initially designated to take over the party branch, however the designation of an interim party branch president was necessary. “We’ve decided it’s more than this, so I’ll go to Timisoara to see to what extent we can identify a solution for someone to take over the position of interim branch president in line with the statute,” Marian Neacsu said.

For the time being, PSD Timis Executive President and Timis County Council Chairman Calin Dobra is in charge of managing the Timis branch’s current affairs.

This was PSD’s first National Standing Bureau meeting in well over 10 months, the previous meeting taking place on 7 September 2016, when Social Democrat leaders decided to convene a National Executive Committee meeting to validate PSD’s list of candidates in the December 11th parliamentary elections.

After the start of the elections campaign, PSD’s National Standing Bureau no longer convened, party leaders being preoccupied with electoral activities.

Both Sorin Grindeanu and Victor Ponta have blamed Liviu Dragnea for imposing an authoritarian party leadership style, including by interrupting the series of weekly National Standing Bureau meetings.

Marian Neascu was mandated to chair the meeting, since PSD President Liviu Dragnea is on holiday and did not take part in the meeting.

Premier Mihai Tudose, Deputy Premier Marcel Ciolacu and Regional Development Minister Sevil Shhaideh attended the NSB meeting.


Catalin Ivan: Neacsu should make the PSD membership database public. Who knows how many others have disappeared!


MEP Catalin Ivan claims that he is still a PSD member and has asked Secretary General Marian Neacsu to make the party’s membership database public.

“Things worthy of the X-Files are taking place at PSD. Either Neacsu was negligent and gave the party database password to some secretaries who started to erase party members, being paid by the Opposition that wants to destroy the parliamentary majority, or Soros paid some hackers. What’s certain is that the troublesome members that Dragnea doesn’t kick out are disappearing on their own from the party’s records,” Catalin Ivan wrote on his Facebook page.

He says something “foul” is at play, because Marian Neacsu is also the one who sent to all party branches conveners listing “the members who had to show up on 11 October 2015 to elect the maximum leader.” “The same database was used and I have the unequivocal proof that I was a member back then. I went and I voted. Against [him], obviously, but my vote confirms my capacity as member,” Ivan points out.

Catalin Ivan is asking Marian Neacsu to make the database public. “Or to give access to it to the more than five hundred thousand members because each one would like to verify whether he/she is still a member or not. Who knows how many others have disappeared?!!” the MEP added.


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