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February 4, 2023

PM Tudose says Sovereign Investment Fund will be approved by Parliament: It’s far too important

Premier Mihai Tudose stated on Tuesday that the Sovereign Investment Fund will not be adopted through a government emergency ordinance but will enter the Parliament’s debate instead.

“It will be adopted by Parliament. Ever since I’ve known this topic, this has been the only way considered, to adopt it in Parliament, it’s far too important,” Tudose said when answering a question.

Asked whether he had any talk with Sorin Grindeanu on this topic, Tudose said no.


“Budget execution in H1 not very good, it’s been a huge obstruction”


The Premier also stated that the budget execution in the first semester of 2017 “is not very good”, adding that “it’s been a huge obstruction.”

“Not very good. Not very good. It’s been a huge obstruction,” Tudose stated when quizzed on how the budget execution looks like in the first half of the year.

Asked about the budget deficit’s level, the Premier answered: “Wouldn’t you like us to talk a bit later… So, I tell you first. Leave the Finance Minister alone.”


“Where did you hear the budget adjustment will be negative? It’ll be a positive adjustment”


Tudose also said that the budget adjustment will be positive. “Where did you hear that it [the budget adjustment] will be negative? Anything is possible. I am telling you it will be a positive adjustment,” the PM said when asked by the media if there might be a negative budget adjustment.


PM on solidarity tax: The conclusion is we can file it under ‘discussed and forgotten’


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said on Tuesday that the introduction of a solidarity tax can be filed under the “discussed and forgotten” heading.

“The conclusion today is that we can file it under ‘discussed and forgotten,’” Tudose said at the Bucharest National Theatre House where he participated in a private company’s project launch.

He explained that from the simulations run on this measure it resulted that “it was too little to mean anything.” “The trouble would have been too high, if you wish,” the PM explained.

He added that the Government is not considering measures that would “weigh heavily” on people’s pockets to increase its revenues.

“We will not have any measure weighing heavily on people’s pockets. For now, we are not considering any other measures in respect to individual rates and taxes,” Tudose said.


“We’ll make an assessment of the new ANAF leadership in one month”


The Prime Minister told journalists  that in one month’s time there will be an assessment of the activity of the new leadership of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF).

He explained why Bogdan Stan was replaced as head of the taxation agency, but remained deputy chairman.

“As ANAF chairman, he had to coordinate the anti-fraud and the customs areas, of which I wasn’t content; he had to take some measures on behalf of ANAF. Where he is now, the segment he is in charge of now, I hope he is doing a good job. If not… we’ll make a new assessment, an assessment of all five of them after one month, from the ANAF chairman to deputy chairs,” Tudose said at the launching of a private company’s project, responding to what the purpose of replacing Bogdan Stan was since he was kept as deputy chairman in the new ANAF leadership formula.


“Social security, health care taxes to be paid by employers, as currently in force”


The social security and healthcare taxes will be paid as currently done, namely by the employers, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose also said Tuesday.

“I do not know where you get that from (…) They will stay as currently in force. All these taxes like social security and healthcare insurance will be paid by the employers, otherwise there would be risks,” said Tudose responding to whether the payment of contributions to social security and healthcare insurance will be switched from employers to employees.

Asked if the same will stand in 2018 as well, Tudose answered in the affirmative.

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