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August 3, 2021

Ponta on his future party: A start-up is established; I’ll take decision about my political activity in September

Victor Ponta, ex-Premier and former president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), stated on Sunday evening that he wants to set up a new party that would attract those voters who are disappointed with the way Liviu Dragnea is currently leading the party. He added that in September he will take a decision concerning his future in politics, pointing out that he wants to establish a new party, “a start-up.”

“In September, I’ll take a decision regarding the way I’m carrying out my political activity, because I still have three and a half years left as Lower House lawmaker and because my opinion and the opinion of people I talked to is that I can have a say in politics, and especially that I can bring by my side those who, just like me, voted PSD, voted ALDE – not PNL, because I don’t believe I’ll persuade Liberals – and are now very disappointed. There are people like this and very many of them,” Victor Ponta stated.

Asked whether he thinks about starting a new political construct, Ponta answered affirmatively. “A start-up is being started,” Victor Ponta pointed out.

He mentioned he did not talk with Catalin Ivan, who announced he is working on a new political project for PSD, and added he does not know what the MEP’s intentions are.

Victor Ponta first announced his intention to set up a new party on July 6. “I was never member of another party except PSD / after 15 years of activity I was excluded because I defended Sorin Grindeanu (who had been PSD member since 1996) against Liviu Dragnea (who came from PD)!!! Now I’m an independent, but starting in September I’ll definitely be member of a new party (under no circumstances of any of the ones that are now in Parliament)!” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook, in an answer to a comment.

Ponta had also been asked when will he form a party.

On Friday, MEP Catalin Ivan wrote on Facebook that he is working on a new political project for PSD, within the party, considering that one is not allowed to criticise unless one offers an alternative solution. He criticised PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, on numerous occasions, for the “closed, authoritarian verging on dictatorial” way in which he leads the party.

“We’re already working on a new political project for PSD, within the party. I believe one is not allowed to criticise unless one offers a solution. I kept criticising Liviu Dragnea for the closed, authoritarian verging on dictatorial way in which he leads the party, for the lack of vision and direction seen lately,” Catalin Ivan pointed out.

He outlined the importance of an internal debate within PSD, on how a “clean, modern, European and credible” left-wing party should look like.

“Very soon we will publicly present our political project proposal for our colleagues, for PSD members. We will then analyse how many of our proposals are good and how many aren’t. The important thing is to have an internal debate not on how to strengthen one person’s power within the party, certainly not on how to defend some from ending up in court or on how to help them grow rich more easily from public funds, but on how a clean, modern, European, credible left-wing party should look like,” the MEP added.



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