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December 1, 2021

Caraiman Cross to be restored from European funds

The European Funding Project for the restoration of the Commemorative Cross of the Romanian First World War heroes, perched on the Caraiman Peak of the Bucegi Mountains, was signed on Wednesday at the National Defence Ministry (MApN) headquarters by the Minister-delegate for European Funds, Rovana Plumb, the Minister of National Defence, Adrian Tutuianu, and the director of South Muntenia Regional Development Agency, Liviu Musat.

The project “Restoration, rehabilitation, preservation and arrangement of an exhibition space within the Monument of the Romanian First World War Heroes (The Heroes Monument (Cross) on the Caraiman Peak)” is worth over 19 million lei, out of which 16 million represent European funds financing. The amount of eligible expenditures co-financing provided by the Ministry of National Defence is about 3 million lei.

Adrian Tutuianu said that the project for the rehabilitation of the Caraiman Nation’s Heroes Cross, built between 1926-1928, at a 2,291-metre altitude, represents MApN’s first instance of European funds accessing over the 2014-2020 budget exercise.

“The Caraiman cross symbolizes the Romanian people themselves, who, in the name of their greatest ideal – the national unity – found the courage, the force, the intelligence and the spirit of sacrifice to succeed (…) It is our generation’s duty that around the centenary of the Great Union we find the sources and resources for the strong symbol of the Caraiman Cross to remain standing and lights the generations to follow. (…) By signing the financing project we can say that we are heading somewhere. All the necessary conditions to start the procedures for the acquisition of the restoration works have been fulfilled, and starting with next year we can get down to work. According to our estimates, sometime next spring. It will not be easy at all,” the Minister of Defence said.



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