Adrian Tutuianu: Defence procurement draft redone; I’ll present it at next CSAT meeting

Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu stated at a press conference on Wednesday that the draft concerning defence procurement programmes to be run until 2026 has been redone and is ready to be presented to President Klaus Iohannis at the next Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) meeting, after the document had previously been withdrawn from the CSAT’s order of the day.

“We have 2 percent of GDP. Only a part of that to use for procurements. The draft on defence procurements until 2026 was withdrawn from the CSAT at my request, to give it consistency in figures too, and in what lies behind the figures, the 2 percent of GDP commitment until 2026. The document has been redone and when Romanian President Klaus Iohannis demands, we will present the full document to the CSAT,” the Defence Minister said.

Adrian Tutuianu added that the armed forces’ procurement programme consists of 8 major projects, each worth over 100 million euro: multi-purpose corvettes, mobile anti-ship missile launchers, the modernisation of the MLI-84M infantry fighting vehicles, 8×8 and 4×4 armoured personnel carriers, C4I system with Istar integration capabilities, Advanced Surface to Air Missile (ASAM) systems, SHORAD integrated systems, multiple launcher rocket systems.

The Ministry of Defence pointed out that this year it will purchase 30 buses and 70 minibuses for the armed forces’ “pressing” needs.

“We will decide these days whether we can carry out a direct procurement of transport trucks or whether we will resort to a public procurement via simplified procedure. We would need around 200 days to be able to complete the procedure, provided we have no major problems with challenges,” Adrian Tutuianu concluded.


Iohannis meets Tutuianu. DefMin presents revised defence procurement plan


On Wednesday, President Klaus Iohannis and Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu met at the Presidential Palace, the Defence Minister presenting the revised defence procurement plan that will be included on the order of the day of the next Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) meeting.

According to a Presidential Administration communique, during the meeting the Defence Minister presented the Defence Procurement Plan 2017-2026, which stipulates the observance and implementation of the political commitment taken by all political parties in 2015, namely to earmark 2 percent of GDP for defence for a period of 10 years starting this year.

The draft, in its current revised form, will be presented during the next CSAT meeting, the Presidency points out.

The Defence Procurement Plan 2017-2026 establishes the military systems and equipment to be procured through the Ministry of Defence’s annual public programme for the procurement of arms, combat equipment and materials for military use.


“I’ve ordered an investigation to establish who is to blame for failure to invite Iohannis at Aviation Day”


The Defence Minister also stated that he plans to build a constructive institutional relationship with President Klaus Iohannis, and the failure to invite the Head of State at the Romanian Aviation and Air Force Day was a blunder he took responsibility for, this being the reason he ordered an internal investigation to establish who is to blame for this dysfunctionality.

“I’ve noticed various manners of approach used in the press, toward a topic on which I wouldn’t have wanted us to have any kind of discussions, I’m talking about the way the MoD prepared and organised the Aviation and Air Force Day. I want to tell you from the start that I plan to build a constructive institutional relationship with the Romanian President, based on respect, transparency and fairness,” the Defence Minister said.

Adrian Tutuianu added that “the moment generated in the process of issuing the invitations at the celebrations occasioned by the Romanian Aviation and Air Force Day was a blunder, a regrettable situation caused by dysfunctionalities of a bureaucratic nature in the protocol procedures.”

“I’ve taken responsibility for this dysfunctionality in the most direct way possible, by immediately issuing a press release in which I explained the circumstances of the error. (…) MoD’s relations with the Romanian Presidency are and will remain in the area of fairness and respect. I assure you I’ve urgently taken corrective measures, so that such errors will no longer be possible,” the Social Democrat added.

Asked what those measures are, he said an internal investigation is taking place within the ministry, in order to establish who is to blame for the failure to invite President Klaus Iohannis at the Romanian Aviation Day.

“We’re carrying out an administrative activity, to see where the backsliding is occurred, because what I signed several days before contained a list with all those who had to be invited, the Romanian President being head of the list. The internal administrative investigation will establish who made mistakes, what mistakes were made, and I assure you I will consequently take measures,” Adrian Tutuianu concluded.

The Presidential Administration as well as other central public institutions were not invited at the ceremonies occasioned by the Aviation and Air Force Day, the ministry explaining that this was “an error” and adding that Minister Adrian Tutuianu has taken measures to correct these “bureaucratic dysfunctionalities.”

“The Ministry of Defence apologises for the errors that appeared in relaying, to the Presidential Administration and central public authorities, invitations at the Romanian Aviation and Air Force Day. Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu has urgently ordered the adoption of the measures required to eliminate the dysfunctionalities of a bureaucratic nature that led to this regrettable situation,” the MoD informed last Thursday.


“I’ll ask Gov’t, via memorandum, to approve the hiring of 4,850 military education graduates”


On Wednesday, Tutuianu also announced that he will ask the Government, through a memorandum, to approve the hiring of 4,850 graduates of military education institutions, against the backdrop in which the Government has decided to freeze hiring within central authorities.

“We’ll prepare a memorandum and we’ll present it within the Government during the next meetings – you know very well that the freezing of all hiring within central authorities has been decided. We have to enlist – and we’ll ask for the Government’s approval, via memorandum – 4,850 graduates of military education institutions, of classes for the indirect forming of enlisted men, and of training programmes for the forming of professional privates and corporals,” Adrian Tutuianu said.


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