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August 17, 2022

Basescu: Dragnea is ever more embarrassing, Tudose and the branches are telling him no. Nobody pays any attention to him anymore

Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook that PSD leader Liviu Dragnea is becoming “ever more embarrassing” because the measures included in the governing platform are not being implemented by the Government, being detrimental for the economy, and party branches are not obeying his orders to exclude Victor Ponta and Sorin Grindeanu, a sign that “nobody pays any attention to him anymore.”

“Dragnea, ever more embarrassing! Dragnea wanted to create the National Investment Fund. Grindeanu said no, because it was a foolishness that would have decapitalised state-owned companies, and the idea from the Great Leader’s platform was buried. Dragnea wanted the global tax on each household’s income. Grindeanu realised the idea is inapplicable and said no to the Great Leader. Dragnea wanted to tax the turnover of companies. Tudose said NO, because the system is incompatible with European Union regulations, something that the Great Leader did not know. Dragnea wanted to tax high salaries. Tudose said NO, because the measure doesn’t bring much to the state budget, unlike what the Great Leader thought,” Basescu wrote.

He also gave as examples the appointment of the DGPI director and the CAS and CASS contributions being paid by the employees, proposals that the Premier opposed. At the same time, party branches opposed the exclusion of Ponta, Grindeanu and Ivan “because they don’t recognise the Great Leader’s life-and-death right over party members.”

“In other words, Dragnea publicly quotes from the inept governing platform written by Valcov, or offers ‘precious directives’ to the party, but nobody pays any attention to him anymore. I’m curious when will the Great Leader – a cunning slick guy from Teleorman – figure out he has become embarrassing. In what concerns a new no-confidence motion against his own Government, that’s out of the question,” the PMP leader said.

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