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December 10, 2022

Carnival ambiance, fairy-tale characters and fireworks in the last weekend of “B-FIT in the Street!”

After the International Bucharest Street Theater Festival “B-FIT in the Street!” turned Bucharest into a holiday destination with four weekends full of shows, gathering dozens of thousands of spectators and hundreds of artists from all around the world on Bucharest’s streets, Bucharest Municipality, through ARCUB, announces the last festival weekend on July 28 to 30, which will increase fun in Bucharest to the maximum level.

Since Friday, July 28, until Sunday, July 30, the last weekend of “B-FIT in the Street!” will turn a simple walk in Bucharest in an adventure populated by fantastic characters. Every day, from 19.00 to 23.00, the International Bucharest Street Theater Festival “B-FIT in the Street!” has prepared for the people in Bucharest shows with living statues, colorful parades, puppets and night performances from France, Germany, Spain and Romania.

From outdoor theater to South American dances, and to a surprise moment that turns spectators in actors, the fifth weekend of the festival will make the audience to experience completely different worlds in only three days of performances. Sixteenth-century characters, caryatids falling in love with the spectators and famous statues in Bucharest will appear on Friday on the streets of the Historic Downtown to tell their silent story in the show named “Stil(L) urban”. On Saturday, Cinderella, Harap Alb, Hansel and Gretel and other fairy-tale characters will lead the children and the adults in the world of the living statues show called “A fost odata ca niciodata Parcul Kretzulescu” (“Once upon a time, it was Kretzulescu Park” – e.n.), while on Sunday, the actors of the Masca Theater playing in “Bizarerii baroce” (“Baroque strange things” – e.n.) will give to the Historic Downtown the elegance of the seventeenth-century France.

If you wish to taste the ambiance of the great carnivals, “B-FIT in the Street!” invites you in University Square, where French artists from Body and dance Carnaval Latino are bringing daily the exotic feeling of the South American culture with samba, salsa, merengue and cha cha cha dances. On Saturday evening, July 29, “B-FIT in the Street!” shows you Bucharest by night with three performances prepared by bands of artists from Germany, France and Spain.

Being an usual presence at the great festivals of this kind in South Korea, France, Columbia, Denmark, Taiwan or Chile, the Spanish and Xarxa will come in the George Enescu Square on Saturday, July 29, from 21.30, with one of the most interactive performances of the contemporary street theater. Magic Night must be experienced with all the five senses, inviting the spectators to become protagonists, to let themselves to be led in the ambiance of the popular fiestas in Valencia through traditional pyrotechnic games, live music and spectacular fireworks.

Being hard to miss, Dundu (photo), the luminous puppet of an impressive size, attracts thousands of people at the already famous “B-FIT in the Street!” parade on Calea Victoriei, which will start on Saturday, at 22.00, right after the end of the show called “Magic Night”. Alongside with the giant creature Dundu, the French dancers from Body and Dance Carnaval Latino will start from the George Enescu Square in the last parade of the Bucharest festival, which will led the fans of “B-FIT in the Street!” on South American rhythms, to the highlight of the evening, in the university Square.

Comparing it with the adrenaline and dynamism always increasing in the “Magic Night” show, the moment scheduled to be held in the university Square at 22.30, the show called “Dundu” urges to dreaming through an unusual puppet theater performance, where the characters are huge puppets illuminating in the night and telling universal silent stories on extremely sensitive musical chords, played live at the kora harp, which is traditional in West Africa. Being handled by experienced German puppeteers in great shows, the Dundu puppets have traveled in many cities of the world, from the Lights Festival in Jerusalem, to Astana ArtFest in Kazahstan, in Hanoi, Vietnam, in London, Seoul or Zürich.

The most important event of this kind in the country, the International Bucharest Street Theater festival

Brought, over the five weekends of July, 40 international shows with dozens of performances and more than 300 artists from nine countries. The festival’s program is available at http://www.bfitfestival.arcub.ro/.



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