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December 2, 2021

PM Tudose to Bodog: What happens at Health Ministry could be the object of structures that are part of the ministry: psychiatry

On Thursday, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose criticised Health Minister Florian Bodog for the shortage of vaccines, which caused the death of several children, but also for excessive bureaucracy within the institution, stating that what is currently happening within the Health Ministry could be the object of structures from the ministry, such as “psychiatry.”

The first criticism the Prime Minister had for Florian Bodog concerned the shortage of vaccines.

“I don’t think you could have made a presentation briefer than this one on a very complicated topic, and the fact that you have identified five culprits I believe is only a poor start, not even a good start, because people shouldn’t have died, children shouldn’t have died, and we shouldn’t have gotten mad in order to discover something isn’t working. Someone should have seen early on that it isn’t working, mister minister,” Tudose reproached Bodog.

The Head of Government also warned the Health Minister about the ministry’s excessive bureaucracy.

“There is a public case that serves only to bring into focus the bureaucracy that has reached extreme levels within the Health Ministry too. Those who run into this bureaucracy are particularly sick people. Four hundred thousand papers that must be taken from the family physician to the specialist physician, who must issue a medical letter, someone must issue a prescription, then they have to go to the pharmacy; if [the pharmacy] doesn’t have everything they must start all over again. Those in this situation are not professional athletes,” the Premier told the Health Minister.

Tudose asked Bodog to come up – in two weeks’ time – with a bill on the cutting of red tape.

“It’s unacceptable that someone who is undergoing treatment abroad should have to come [back] to Romania in order to prove over there that he is ill or something along these lines. What’s happening now, in certain areas within the Health Ministry, I believe could be the object of a Health Ministry structure: psychiatry, this kind of things,” Mihai Tudose added.

“It’s true, Prime Minister…,” Florian Bodog answered. “I know it’s true,” Mihai Tudose sharply replied.

The Health Minister said he solved the precise case the Premier signalled and promised he will take measures so that something like this never happens again.

“Mister minister, let’s not solve precise cases, let’s solve the system. The system is seriously flawed. I understand that for the past 27 years everyone has proven their ability to make it even more complicated. Let’s render it a bit simpler if possible,” Mihai Tudose said.

Prima TV private broadcaster’s main news presenter Magda Vasiliu wrote on Facebook that because of Romanian red tape she cannot go on sick leave to accompany her cancer-stricken son to Italy, where he is to undergo treatment.


Tudose to Cuc: Every two weeks we expropriate two chicken coops on Bucharest-Ploiesti. Transport Minister defends himself: That was a different project


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose ironized Transport Minister Razvan Cuc, reproaching him that every two weeks he proposes the expropriation of a pair of “chicken coops” located on the route of the Bucharest – Ploiesti expressway. Cuc replied saying that previous expropriations were made on the route of a different expressway.

“Minister Cuc, every two weeks we expropriate yet another pair of chicken coops on Bucharest – Ploiesti. Do you have some more or can we lump them together once and get this over with?” Mihai Tudose asked Razvan Cuc, referring to the order of the day of the Government meeting on Thursday, which included new expropriations there.

The Transport Ministry replied that these are arrears that he is now updating.

“The two buildings that are on today’s order of the day, for expropriation, are included in government decision no.381 from 2009, a decision that stipulated the start of the procedure of expropriating private buildings that still have to be expropriated…,” the Transport Minister tried to explain.

“I understood the title, but two weeks ago we expropriated two others, also on that section,” the Prime Minister replied.

“These are the last buildings that will be expropriated on this section,” Cuc said.

“The ones two weeks ago were the last,” Tudose retorted.

“Those were part of a different investment objective,” Razvan Cuc concluded.


PM asks internal norm for companies that see Romania as “second-class country”


Premier Mihai Tudose on Thursday asked Justice Minister Tudorel Toader to draft an internal piece of legislation, in collaboration with the Minister of Agriculture and the relevant bodies, that would allow the publishing of the names of the companies that see Romania as a “second-class country,” referring to the topic of food products susceptible of double standards.

“Perhaps we could find a way, because until we draft I don’t know what European piece of legislation we could perhaps draft an internal norm. (…) Or at least a legislative framework to allow us to tell citizens what companies consider us a second-class country and treat them as such,” Mihai Tudose said in the beginning of the Government sitting.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader explained that the basics to finding a solution start from the equal treatment of all consumers, treatment which all EU citizens should benefit from.

Agriculture Minister Petre Daea said that his ministry is further offering the media technical details on the double-standard topic concerning certain food products, after the expose made on Wednesday by the ministry, but it cannot name the traders and producers where double-standard susceptible food were unveiled, since it would risk lawsuits.

The comparative study carried on double-standard susceptible food revealed discrepancies in 9 out of the 29 analysed samples, on Wednesday said Rodica Tanasuica, managing director of the Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health Institute, in a press conference organised by the Agriculture Ministry.


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