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September 27, 2020

President Iohannis: I urge you to honor National Anthem – catalyst of national and social cohesion

President Klaus Iohannis has sent, on Saturday, a message on the occasion of the Day of the National Anthem of Romania.

“‘The Day of the National Anthem’, celebrated every year on July 29, is a solemn moment that offers us, Romanians, the opportunity to reaffirm our attachment to the values and principles that stood at the base of the Romanian modern state. The verses of the patriotic poem ‘An echo’, written by Andrei Muresanu and sung on the chords created by Anton Pann, have always represented a call to freedom and the unity of all Romanians in order to gain national sovereignty,” said the head of state in the message.

He mentioned that the National Anthem of Romania, official since 1990, was first sung in the context of the “revolutionary effervescence of 1848, and then in the crucial moments of the country’s history, during the First and Second World War, during the War of Independence and the Great Union of 1918.”

Iohannis showed that, at present, the value of the anthem is consecrated by the Romanian Constitution as a national symbol, together with the tricolour flag, the coat of arms and the seal of the state.

“‘Awaken thee, Romanian!’ is a catalyst of national and social cohesion, and through the mobilizing spirit and energy conveyed, the Anthem represents the quintessence of efforts submitted for reaching the major objectives of our country, for building a Romania powerful and prosperous in Europe and the world. On this day of celebration, I urge you to honor this national symbol and sing it proudly, as a gesture of solidarity, stating our national identity, unity and patriotism. We honor, at the same time, the memory of those who have contributed to consolidating the Romanian state and we relay our respect to the past. May ‘Awaken thee, Romanian!’ be sung as many times as possible and always be our guide in the path of our becoming!”, the head of state concluded.

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