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Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Dragnea requests extraordinary parliamentary session

The Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies will meet, on Wednesday, to discuss the request made by Liviu Dragnea to summon an extraordinary parliamentary session, between August 2-4.

“The meeting of the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies will take place on Wednesday, August 2, starting with 11.00 hrs. On the agenda is the letter of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea, that requests the summoning of an extraordinary parliamentary session, between August 2-4,” a press release of the Chamber of Deputies remitted on Saturday to AGERPRES shows.

The deputies also received a text message from Liviu Dragnea, in which the Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker announced them that he intends to summon an extraordinary parliamentary session, according to a Facebook post of the USR MP Iulian Bulai.

“Dear colleagues, I inform you that i intend to summon an extraordinary session of the Chamber of Deputies on August 2, 2017, starting with 15.00 hrs., between August 2-4, 2017. Speaker Liviu Dragnea” reads the message sent by the PSD leader.

Iulian Bulai also mentioned that he will not attend the extraordinary parliamentary session and he expressed his hope that he will not be surprised by the decision which the Parliament will “extraordinarily” take.

“The second text message received from Liviu Dragnea. He intends to summon an extraordinary session in three days. I announce you now that I cannot participate. I hope you will not surprise us with the decisions you will extraordinarily take, Mister President! Also, unlike the extraordinary session since January, which you initiated, but in which you didn’t participate, I hope you will participate in this session” Iulian Bulai wrote.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose stated, on Monday, that he has requested the summoning of an extraordinary session of Parliament dedicated to the situation of ELCEN, the company responsible for producing thermal energy in Bucharest, showing that the company needs to be placed under the command of the Bucharest Mayoralty.

The Prime Minister added that, in case an extraordinary session is called, other aspects may be debated, excluding the introduction on the agenda of the Sovereign Investment Fund.

The National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, stated, on Saturday, that the Liberals will have several requests for the agenda if an extraordinary parliamentary session is organized next week, among them a hearing of the Finance Minister, who should present data referring to the “catastrophic” budget execution of the first six months.

“Furthermore, we request the presence of the Ombudsman in order for him to attack Ordinance 4 regarding overtaxation of health and pension contributions for those working part-time or by agreement at the Constitutional Court”, Orban stated.

Orban stated previously that Liberals will ask for the agenda of the extraordinary session to be supplemented with the appointment of a new Board of Directors at the Public Radio, saying that “the PSD boot is destroying a traditional public institution”.

Also, PNL Vice-Chairman Raluca Turcan announced on Friday that the party submitted a request to the Romanian Parliament to summon an extraordinary session to hear the Finance Minister, and in order for the Ombudsman to present the report on the constitutionality of the GO 4/2017, as well as to appoint a new Board of Directors at SRR.


PNL’s  Predoiu: I tend to believe the extraordinary session concerns something more serious, kept secret for the time being


Lower House lawmaker Catalin Predoiu has stated that the extraordinary session might have on its order of the day other issues apart from the merger between RADET and ELCEN, the Liberal lawmaker asking Liviu Dragnea for explanations about the potential debating of the Sovereign Investment Fund and about potential discussions on this topic that the PSD leader allegedly had in Greece.

“Liviu Dragnea convenes Parliament in extraordinary session. Tudose has announced it allegedly concerns a law on the merger of ELCEN and RADET. I tend to believe it might also concern something more serious that is kept secret for the time being,” Catalin Predoiu wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

PNL’s lawmaker is asking Liviu Dragnea to publicly answer several questions: “Does he plan on tabling a bill on the creation of the Sovereign Investment Fund, now, during the extraordinary session? Did he recently have talks on this topic, in Greece? If yes, whom did he discuss it with and what has he decided to do as a result? Is it true he had talks on judiciary topics too, and what did he decide as a result?”

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