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October 21, 2021

New edition of “Music in Romanian Palaces” kicks off

Five of the most full of history places in Romania – castles and palaces – will be connected between them at the beginning of August, in a special way, being included in a new edition of the National Tournament “Music in Romanian Palaces”.

Nicolae Szekely, the protagonist of the event, the winner of the 1st place at the Sinaia National Classical Guitar Festival, in 1987, will bring in front of the audience rare musical chords, thanks to the instruments at which he will play. The uniqueness of the performances held by him will be also underlined by the chosen repertoire, which will include composers who lived and composed hundreds years ago.

From August 2 to 6, 2017, in special places in terms of history and architecture, there will be held the 5th edition of the National Tournament “Music in Romanian Palaces”, an event organized by the Pro Valores Association and financed by the Interpretive Creation Union of the Romanian Musicians. The concerts of this edition will be held by Nicolae Szekely, who will concert in five of the most important and well-known places full of history from Romania. These are the Hunyadi Castle in Hunedoara, where the concert is scheduled on August 2, at 18.00, the Magna Curia Palace in Deva – August 3, at 18.00, the Marincu Palace in Calafat (photo)– August 4, at 17.00, the Peles Castle in Sinaia – August 5, at 16.00, and the Neamtului Fortress in Targu Neamt – August 6, at 17.00.

In this new edition of the event “Music in Romanian Palaces”, Nicolae Szekely, accompanied by five very spectacular instruments which are rarely present on Romanian stages – vihuela, lute, Renaissance guitar, baroque  guitar and over-lute – suggests you a unique journey, full of the authenticity of a real travel into history, full of beautiful sounds from the medieval and baroque periods. Thus the music lovers of today will be able to hear sounds imagined by great creators from several hundreds of years ago, such as the Italian composers Francesco de Milano and Giovanni Zamboni, as well as Adrian Le Roy, Diego Pisador, John Dowland, Gaspar Sanz and many, many others.

In this context, for Nicolae Szekely, playing songs written hundreds years ago at this tournament was a real exercise of virtuosity, the result being the performances held in the five places full of history. On the other hand, it wasn’t possible for the artist not to cope with such a challenge, given that he was one of the laureates of the Sinaia National Classical Guitar Festival in 1987, namely the winner of the 1st place. On the other hand, he gained a great experience in the musical activity that provided him with the opportunity to organize a number of events of this kind. Specifically, after he established himself in Hunedoara, in 1988, he organized in 1990 the Festival called “Classical Guitar Days”. The lute player Gyorgy Lorinczi from Targu Mures opened his appetite for a number of special instruments – vihuela and lute, which took his entire passion for music.

Thus, Nicolae Szekely becomes very active at the medieval festivals in the country, also attending a master-class with Hopkinson Smith, who reveals him the mysteries of the special technique of these instruments. Over the years, the artist held recitals of Renaissance music at the Neamtului Fortress, the Corvin Castle, the Biertan Fortified Church, the Students’ Culture House in Bucharest, the Rasnov Fortress, the Bastion Tower in Cluj, the Medias Evangelical Church, his musical world persisting in the medieval and Renaissance repertoire, which has an unexpected richness and profoundness.






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