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December 3, 2021

PNL asks the report on the double standard of the food products to be published and the ANPC Head to be dismissed

National Liberal Party Chairman (PNL) Chairman, Ludovic Orban, asked on Friday to the Agriculture Minister, Petre Daea, to publish the report on the double standard of the food products, arguing that it is the fundamental role of the Government to inform people, to take the proper measures in the case of the non-compliant products and to warn on the possible negative consequences. Orban also asks for the dismissal of the Head of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC), Marcel Bogdan Pandelica, because he announced that only a part of the products will be removed from the market, without mentioning which are these products and which other products will continue to be in the trade circuit.

“Thus, we ask the Government to publicly present the measures taken after the performed control. In such major problems like deceiving the consumer, putting the people’s health in danger, any Government must react immediately, correctly and urgently inform the public opinion and take the most sever measures provided by the law. Besides, we will issue an official request on behalf of PNL, based on the Law no.544/2001 on the free access to information of public interest, in order to be able to make the complete data of the control available for the public opinion”, reads a press release signed by Ludovic Orban.

The PNL leader says he cannot accept that certain companies are protected, to the detriment of those who proved to be fair, and thus deceiving the Romanian consumers to be deceived. He warned that such a behavior has criminal connotations related to the public interest.

Orban highlights the double approach of the National Authority for Consumer Protection, about which he says that in other situations, it performed public controls on the economic agents, but it preferred to maintain the confidentiality of the process in this case.

“Therefore, we ask the ANPC President, Marcel Bogdan Pandelica, to be dismissed for breaching Article 2 of the GD 700/2012: «The Authority (…) acts to prevent and fight against the practices that harm lives, health, safety and economic interests of the consumers». The Head of ANPC announced that only a part of the products have been removed from the market, without mentioning which are these products and which other products continue to be in the trade circuit”, reads the press release of the PNL leader.

He warns that authorities cannot rely on the alleged lack of necessary legal rules to respond to the PNL’s request, since it is a used procedure for rigorously, professionally assessments, made with demonstrable methods. In this regard, Orban reminds of the previous scandal on the horse meat, since 2012, when the authorities themselves indicated in the international press the name of the companies with problems.

“If Minister Daea, in such serious matters such as deceiving consumers, putting people’s health in danger, will not publish the requested information, he should be satisfied with spending the special parliamentary pension – for which he begged and humiliated himself -, or to hire in one of the companies he protects, but he should let the Agriculture Ministry in better hands” Ludovic Orban concluded.

Romanian authorities found nine of 29 food products with double standards in terms of quality, in Romania and several EU countries, following the comparative analyzes, stated on Wednesday the Manager of the Institute of Hygiene and Public Veterinary Health (IISPV), Rodica Tanasuica, in a press conference also attended by the Agriculture Minister, Petre Daea.

These actions have been conducted by representatives of the Agriculture Ministry, of the National Veterinary Sanitary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) and of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC). IIPSV is an institution subordinated to ANSVSA.


PNL’s Orban pleads in favor of mandatory vaccination; Government’s duty to resolve this issue


National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman, Ludovic Orban, spoke, on Saturday, in favor of mandatory vaccination of children, mentioning that the Health Minister and the Government should resolve this problem.

“It’s the problem of the Health Minister and the Government. They have the duty to ensure the vaccination of children. In what regards me, without being a doctor, you can’t pronounce a professional opinion, but, from all the discussions I had with my colleagues, I obviously plead in favor of mandatory vaccination. It’s the Government’s duty to solve this problem,” Orban stated.

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