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December 5, 2022

Congratulatory message of Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on National Day of Switzerland: Romania has a special interest in pursuing a constructive dialog between the EU and Switzerland

We convey our best wishes and most sincere congratulations to the Swiss people, who celebrates on August 1 the National Day of the Swiss Confederation. With the conclusion of the Swiss Federal Charter of 1291, which represents the founding document of the Confederacy, Switzerland started a successful model based on peaceful coexistence and harmony between communities with various cultures, as well as on the direct democracy and federalism, as the hallmarks of the Swiss political system. In addition, the neutrality in foreign relations offered Switzerland a special place in the heart of Europe.

The Swiss model succeeded to value the unity in diversity, which is more relevant today than before, both for the continent we are living in and for the world. Switzerland is an illustrative example for the world, that shows us a nation that achieved prosperity through the unity and desire of people from different communities to work together.

The dynamic of people-to-people contacts had an essential role in today’s rich and diversified bilateral relation. During the 1920’s more Swiss nationals were living in Romania than Romanian nationals in Switzerland. Today the numbers are reversing, with more Romanians living, working and studying in Switzerland. The biggest part of the Romanian community in Switzerland has high-qualified skills, bringing with them an important contribution to the Swiss economy. Today, in the context of an unsettled international environment, we should work together in the spirit of solidarity and tolerance, both core principles of our two European nations.

Romania and Switzerland share core democratic values and both nations are committed to protect our common security interests that play an important role in the development of the bilateral relations.

The economic relations between our countries continue to be rich and dynamic, with Swiss capital amounting around 2 billion euro, it ranks 7th among foreign investors. As such, successful investments as Holcim, Roche or Novartis are encouraging examples of the good level of the economic cooperation and its potential for further development, especially in the field of SME’s. The volume of economic exchanges overreach 1 billion euro, with a 6% increase in 2016. We are confident in the very good potential for further development of the economic side of the bilateral relation, valorizing the highly skilled human capital of our countries and the attractive economic environment for business.

The Swiss Contribution represents a relevant aspect of our bilateral relation, as part of the framework of agreements between Switzerland and EU, which aims to support the economic and social reforms, contributing to the reduction of the economic disparities between new and old EU member states. Switzerland supports the implementation of 59 projects with impact on areas such as the promotion of economic growth, the improvement of working conditions, social security and civil society. We look forward to continuing the excellent collaboration with our Swiss partners in the context of the future Swiss Contribution, starting 2019.

The European dimension represents an important side of the bilateral relation. Romania has a special interest in pursuing a constructive dialog between the EU and Switzerland, in the perspective of Romania’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. Therefore, we reiterate our support for the conclusion of an Institutional Framework Agreement between Switzerland and EU, with the aim of protecting the homogeneity of the internal market and ensuring legal certainty for citizen, authorities and economic operators.

Romania and Switzerland share a common cultural heritage, given the proximity of the Romansh language (one of the official languages in Switzerland), as well as the affiliation of both our countries to the International Organization of Francophonie.

In this important day for the Swiss people, we would like to extend our congratulations to the Swiss community living in Romania, which, alongside with the Romanian community in Switzerland, represents a permanent bridge of shared values between our countries.




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