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July 2, 2022

EUR 70 M available to financing investment projects in farm products’ processing

The demands for financing the investment projects in the processing and marketing of the agricultural products with a view to getting non-farming products through the National Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020 (PNDR 2020), could be accessed with 1 August 2017, the allocation being worth EUR 70 million, on Monday informed the Agency for Rural Investments Financing (AFIR).

So, in the period from 1 August, 9:00 hrs until 31 October, 16:00 hrs, the European grants’ bidders have at their disposal EUR 70 million for the projects matching the financing area’s GBER Scheme (General Block Exemption Regulation) relevant to Sub-measure 4.2 – Support for agricultural products’ processing.

The allocation for the 2017 session is thus shared: EUR 49 million for the development and upgrading of certain capacities of processing and trading of some farming products and EUR 21 million for the setting up of new farming products’ processing units.

The intensity of the support is up to EUR 1 million / project for the SMEs, in case of the projects that do not suppose investments leading to an integrated food chain. For other companies, for the projects that do not suppose investments leading to an integrated food chain, the support’s value is worth EUR 1.5 million / project.

For associative forms, as well as for the investments leading to an integrated food chain (regardless of the bidder’s type) the value of the grant is up to EUR 2.5 million / project.

The eligible activities on this financing line of the food industry include, for instance, the manufacturing of the milling products, starch and starch products, the dairy manufacturing, the ice cream making and other products similar to ice cream, such as sherbet, the beverages’ making, such as craft beer.

With the GBER funds, the companies could carry out new products, with added value, without harming the domestic competition and the intra-comunity trade in a measure contrary to the common interest.

The state aid through the PNDR 2014-2020 on the GBER grounds aims to improve the companies’ general performance level by increasing competitiveness.

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