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June 28, 2022

IGSU to conduct civil defence alarm check drills on a regular basis

Starting this August, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) will conduct in the first Wednesday of each month drills to test and verify the civil defence notification, warning and alarm system.

“Exercises will be carried out in all counties to check the functioning of the population alarm means with a view to permanently centralize data on the operational status of the notification, warning and alarm equipment, as well as for the continuous preparation of the local public administration authorities. Beginning August this year, all public alarm sirens nationwide will be triggered on the first Wednesday of each month, between 10:00 and 11:00 hrs. Simulations will begin on Wednesday, August 2, and are aimed at verifying both the centrally and locally operated equipment,” IGSU reports.

The results of the checks will be centralized at county level and will be then reviewed by the County Emergency Situations Committee, with a view to improving the alarm system in civil protection situations.

Between April 18 – 21 IGSU conducted nationwide the largest drill to test the sirens that announce civil protection situations, verifying over four days 6,680 sirens out of a total of 7,713 technical alarm means.


Only 51 sirens out of 77 owned by Bucharest City Hall said to be working


Out of the 77 automated centralised sirens belonging to the Bucharest City Hall and the city’s district town halls, only 51 are working, according to the Bucharest-Ilfov Emergency Inspectorate (ISUBIF).

“ISUBIF has now verified the operation of more than 25 sirens in Bucharest and Ilfov County, with the result being as follows: 18 tested in Bucharest (3 operational, 15 non-operational) and 8 checked in Ilfov County (6 operational, 2 non-operational),” the inspectorate reported in a press statement on Wednesday.

According to ISUBIF, some of the automated centralised ISUBIF sirens that operated during the previous exercise could not be operated for technical reasons, to be determined by their owners.

At the same time, new sirens have been introduced in Buftea after the PROCIV exercise, which can be operated from ISUBIF.

In District 2 and District 4, measures have been taken to resolve / improve the public alarm system via sirens, and these activities are currently underway.

The General Emergency Inspectorate has announced that it will carry out, starting in August, on the first Wednesday of each month in all counties, exercises for testing and verifying the system of notification, warning and alarming in civil protection situations, as well as for continual training of the local public administration authorities.


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