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September 26, 2021

PSD’s Dragnea: I’m not just feeling hunted down, I actually am

Social Democratic party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea maintained on Tuesday that he is being “hunted down”, mentioning that there have been press institutions publishing “explosive investigations” with no substance at all because he represents “a barrier in PSD’s weakening.”

“This is not a very comfortable situation. Somebody asked if I am feeling hunted down. It’s not just a feeling, I actually am being harassed. When a press institution, other press institutions have only one topic, everyday there had to be something new (…) they would launch all sorts of reheated soups, the so-called explosive investigations which, in truth, don’t have any substance at all, it entails a lot of money to support such a campaign, having one specific target, that is PSD. I am a barrier in the path to PSD’s weakening, who is not just a recent goal. Be them foreign forces or domestic forces, whether Romanian institutions or institutions from wherever, people of weight from abroad, I don’t know,” Dragnea said at private TV broadcaster Antena 3.

He said the governing programme bothers people.

“But, given that this governing programme bothers and seriously upsets certain businesses in Romania and disrupts certain people’s future, of course it generates such attacks. I have been accused and sworn at that I want to do something to the multinational companies. God forbid! I really don’t. I am just asking questions,” stated Dragnea in reference to the companies’ profits.

He also referred to the comments about his ties to Brazil.

“As for Brazil, that I own a house, a villa, a luxury one, that I did money laundering in Brazil. (…) I haven’t transferred money from Romania, my money is in plain sight, my wealth declaration assessment is in the open, I have no business in another country, nor do I have properties abroad. But these are all well known facts, one cannot own property in this world and not be known, that is impossible,” Dragnea specified.

He said that behind these attacks are “the same people and institutions”. “They know exactly why they are doing it. They want something else to happen in Romania, that we no longer have the governing, they want PSD to shrink, to be broken to pieces, they don’t want Romania to prosper, maybe they want a permanent state of trouble,” Dragnea added.

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