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April 13, 2021

DRPCIV: Romanians keep on registering luxury cars. Q1 VIPs: Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pontiac

Romanians registered in the first six months of the year several hundred luxury cars, including 13 Ferraris, five Lamborghinis, three Pontiacs and 21 Cadillacs, shows the data of the Driving Licences and Car Registrations Directorate (DRPCIV), consulted by AGERPRES.

Thus, in the category of rare cars, between January and June of this year, 547 registered units were recorded, most of them being second-hand.

According to the quoted source, in the first semester of 2017, the expensive car maker with the greatest number of registrations was Jaguar, 444 units, respectively, of which 97 were classified as “new cars”.

The DRPCIV statistics also show that January through June, 47 Maserati cars (of which 23 new), 21 Cadillacs (one new unit), 13 Ferraris (four new cars) and nine Rolls -Royce cars (7 second hand and two new ones) were registered.

At the same time, in the reference period, the Romanians also registered five units of the Lamborghini make, four Aston Martins and three Pontiacs.

According to the DRPCIV data, the national vehicle fleet in Romania increased by 6.21 pct in 2016 compared to the previous year, exceeding 7 million vehicles, of which over 1.25 million were registered in Bucharest.

Thus, of the 1,253 million vehicles registered in Bucharest (about 18 pct of the overall number), a few over one million units were cars. In the Capital, most vehicles ranged, at the end of last year, in the 6-10 years of service category (346,594 units), followed by the 11-15 years of service category (301,648 units) and the ones with more than 20 years of use (195,666 units).

The number of new vehicles (0-2 years), at the end of 2016, in Bucharest, stood at 134,322 units, out of which 104,068 units were automobiles.

Nationwide, out of the 7,010,608 vehicles running at end-2016, 5.47 million (78 pct) were automobiles, up by over 6 pct as compared to end-2015 when 5.15 million units were registered. At the end of 2016, 3.036 million vehicles were on Diesel (out of which 2.119 million were cars), while 3.586 million on gasoline (out of which 3.339 million were cars).

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