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Telekom Romania reports performance indicators for Q2 2017

Telekom Romania Communications and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications announce key performance indicators in second quarter of 2017, ended June 30, 2017, as reported on Thursday by OTE Group.

“For the second quarter of 2017 we reported consolidated revenues of 235.5 million euro and a higher adjusted EBITDA compared to Q1 and the second quarter of 2016, the fixed segment contributing more in this regard. The FMC services continue to grow both in terms of customers and revenues. The wholesale segment demonstrates the same positive trend. In the mobile segment, our business customers’ base continues to grow”, said Anastasios Tzoulas, Chief Financial Officer, Telekom Romania operations.


Telekom Romania Communications


According to a press release, growth in Pro Forma EBITDA, a 1.4% increase in the quarterly revenues, as well as upward trends in FMC customers and wholesale revenues, are some of the key financial indicators for Telekom Romania Communications Q2 2017 performance.

Revenues reported for Q2 2017 were EUR 151.6 mln, up by 1.4% versus Q2 2016, while for the first six months, Telekom Romania Communication revenues rose by 3% to reach EUR 295 mln y-o-y. Adjusted (Pro forma) EBITDA recorded a significant growth of over 67% y-o-y and stood at EUR 25.4 mln in Q2 2017.

Operating Expenses, excluding depreciation, amortization and charges related to voluntary leave schemes and restructuring, decreased by 5% in Q2 2017 compared to Q2 2016. Lower indirect costs offset the higher, customer driven direct costs such as higher interconnection, mobile handsets and customer premise equipment.

On the FMC segment, Telekom Romania exceeded the 400,000 customers’ milestone by almost 25 thousand. This represents a 37% increase in Q2 2017 compared to Q2 2016. An increase was registered also in the TV segment, with customers reaching 1.47 million.

Telekom Romania Communications reported 1.185 mln broadband subscribers (including FMC) at the end of Q2 2017, a stable performance quarter-on-quarter. Voice users (including FMC) reached 2.11 mln in Q2 2017, while fixed voice revenues continued their downward trend in the quarter.

Telekom Romania Communications wholesale revenues increased to EUR 38.1mln, by 27,4% in Q2 2017 versus Q2 2016.


Telekom Romania Mobile Communications


At June 30, 2017, Telekom Romania Mobile Communications registered total revenues of EUR 106.5 mln for the second quarter, down by 3.3% compared to the same period of last year, while service revenues decreased by 5.0%, to EUR 72.2 mln in Q2 2017.

Telekom Romania’s mobile customer base totalled 4.84 mln, down 13.3% y-o-y. Of this total, a third was post-paid. The total number of business customers grew by 1.7% compared to Q2’16, reflecting the company’s targeted offers for professional users.

In Q2 2017, adjusted EBITDA decreased by 36.7% y-o-y, to EUR 13.8 mln.



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