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October 4, 2022

Eurobarometer: Romanians rank fourth in Europe concerning confidence in EU

Romanians rank fourth in Europe with regard to trust in the European Union, with 57 percent stating they have confidence in the EU as compared to 42 percent – the European average, show the results of the standard Eurobarometer of the 2017 spring, carried out May 20 to 30, 2017 and released by the European Commission on August 2.

According to a press release of the European Commission Representation in Romania, sent on Thursday to AGERPRES, both in Romania and the EU level, citizens trust European institutions more than they do their national ones.

Confidence percentages in the EU, 57 percent in Romania and 42 percent at European level, respectively, are higher than the confidence percentages for their national government, 33 percent in Romania and 37 percent in the EU, and each country’s Parliament, 27 percent and 36 percent respectively.

According to Eurobarometer results, the support of the European Union’s priorities remains high among Romanians, with values ranging between 60 percent for the Economic and Monetary Union (the euro) and 81 percent for the free movement of European citizens.

Moreover, 66 percent of Romanians feel they are citizens of the European Union, and 49 percent of them feel that peace is the most important positive aspect of the European construction.

As far as the state of the national economy is concerned, only 29 percent of Romanians consider it “good”, up 3 pct over the previous survey.

Although Romania is not a member of the euro zone, 60 percent of Romanians are in favour of the European single currency. By comparison, only 52 percent, 39 percent and 32 percent respectively of citizens of countries such as Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland, not having adopted yet the euro, declare themselves in favour of the single currency. Almost half of Europeans believe that the economic situation in their country is “good” – 46 percent, five percentage points more than last year’s autumn.

Terrorism ranks first among the challenges citizens consider the EU faces, with 44 percent of Europeans believing that the terrorist phenomenon is the most important challenge at European level.

Romanians attach particular importance to this threat, with 47 percent of respondents mentioning terrorism as the biggest challenge at EU level.

Immigration now occupies the second position among the challenges at EU level – 38 percent being concerned about this phenomenon. 33 percent of Romanians are worried about the issue of immigration.

According to the quoted press release, at national level, there is a difference between the concerns of Romanians and those of other EU states citizens.

“The main challenge in Romania is represented by the health and social security system (32 pct). At European level, this domain ranks third (20 pct of the respondents). The following two concerns for the Romanians are the economic situation (28 pct) and the cost of living (23 pct). However, in the EU, these concerns rank only 5th and 6th, with 16 pct and 15 pct, respectively. For Europeans in general, the main concerns are unemployment (29 pct the EU28 average against 19 pct in Romania) and immigration (22 pct the EU28 average as compared to only 7 pct for Romanians), reads the press release of the EC Representation in Bucharest.

The “Standard Eurobarometer of 2017 Spring” survey (EB 87) was conducted through face-to-face interviews from May 20 to 30, 2017, with a total of 33,180 interviewed people from all EU member states and candidate countries.

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