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January 17, 2022

HealthMin Bodog: Vaccination rate has increased almost fourfold in the last two weeks

The vaccination rate has increased almost fourfold in the last two weeks, Health Minister Florian Bodog announced on Friday.

“Over the last two weeks, vaccination rates have increased almost four times. We will have hard figures at the beginning of next week,” Bodog said at the beginning of a government meeting.

In his turn, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose asked Minister Bodog to continue to apply sanctions to “those who did not understand what to do in the field.”

“I want extend a thank-you message, my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Government and mine, for the extraordinary campaign to support the vaccination campaign, conducted not just by the press, but also by the very active ones on the electronic media in the virtual space. The results of the campaign (…) are measurable (…) and, in my opinion, are spectacular for a week, although, Minister, I would ask you to please continue with taking measures and sanctioning those who have not yet understood what they have to do in the field,” Tudose told Bodog.

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