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January 17, 2022

Romania, ninth beer producer in EU

Last year, the European Union produced 39 billion liters of alcoholic beer, by 400 million liters more than in 2015, as well as 900 million liters of alcohol-free beer or with a less than 0.5 pct alcohol content, and Romania ranked ninth among beer producers in the EU, according to data released on Friday by Eurostat.

With an 8.31 billion liters production (21 pct of the total EU production), Germany was the main producer in 2016, when one in five alcoholic beers produced in the EU came from Germany. The UK (5.14 billion liters), Poland (4.04 billion liters), Spain (3.70 billion liters), the Netherlands (2.64 billion liters), Belgium (2.29 billion liters), France (1.88 billion liters), the Czech Republic (1.86 billion liters) and Romania (1.76 billion liters) follow.

As for the largest beer exporters in the EU, the Netherlands ranks first with 1.9 billion liters of beer containing alcohol exported in 2016, followed by Germany (1.7 billion liters), Belgium (1.5 billion liters) France (700 million liters) and the UK (600 million liters).

The U.S. was the main destination for the EU beer exports to countries outside the EU bloc (1.1 billion liters of beer containing alcohol being exported in 2016, or 34 pct of total non-EU beer exports), followed by China (525 million liters), Canada (202 million liters), South Korea (117 million liters), Switzerland (113 million liters) and Taiwan (101 million liters).

When it comes to beer imports into the EU, beer from Mexico is preferred, with 179.5 million liters or almost half of all non-EU beer imports registered in 2016, followed by beer from Serbia (46.9 million liters), USA (36.5 million liters), Belarus (20.6 million liters), China (16.4 million liters) and Russia (11.6 million liters).

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