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December 6, 2022

Liberal leader Orban: PNL seeks the best moment to send this government home

Leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said on Monday in Targu-Jiu that his party will look for “the best moment, when it runs the highest chances to send the Tudose government home”.

Asked if he will discuss with the MPs after August 15 about a tentative no-confidence motion against the Tudose Cabinet, Orban replied: “Let’s not put the cart before the oxen, or sell the bear’s fur before hunting it, we are not in a parliamentary session. When the session starts in September, we will certainly seek the best moment when we run the highest chances to send this government home. If the country had no government, it would be still better off than with the Tudose government. We will definitely try to send packing this government that has upset the entire society. We’ll hold talks, but we won’t tell you who are the MPs we tackle.”

With regard to pensions, Orban said that Romania needs a system based on a couple of very simple principles – a contribution-related amount and a system capable to ensure fairness.

“The PSD is the only to blame for all the inequities in the public pension system, for all the brazenly high pensions in pay, for the serious imbalance between the pension budget’s spending and revenues, for the lurking disaster of the government’s ability to disburse the special pensions which had been scrapped, it’s them who issued the law on the cumulative collection of the salary and pension in the public sector, they allowed all these tricks and procedural subterfuges in the calculation of special pensions. PNL has a very simple message to convey: Romania needs a pension system based on two basic principles – the pensions’ calculation in connection with the contribution, and the pension system must ensure fairness, the balance of the pensions,” the PNL leader said.

PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban, the party’s prime vice-chairs, vice-chairs, the Secretary general and the chairs of the local branches attended on Monday the meeting of the party’s National Political Bureau in Targu-Jiu.

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