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President Iohannis: A century from Marasesti Battle, Romania is powerful state its allies can rely on

President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday said that Romania is a strong state, “a pillar of stability in the region,” a century after the Battle of Marasesti.

“The historical triumph at Marasesti, together with the victories at Marasti and Oituz, saved our statehood, gave us the dignity of being as a nation and rekindled hope in the Greater Union. One century now from then, Romania is a strong state on which its allies and partners can rely, a stability and security pillar in this region, and this is largely due to the Romanian Armed Forces,” Iohannis said in a speech to a Marasesti Battle centennial event on Sunday.

He mentioned that for more than 70 years, Europe has been living “the longest period without armed conflicts” and said that this is due to the existence of the European Union, of which Romania has been a member for ten years.

“Through the dramas and totalitarianisms that soiled it in blood, the 20th century shows us that freedom, democracy and peace are not obtained and are not preserved without a constant and continuous commitment of each generation in favor of humanist values underpinning the European civilisation. For over 70 years, we have lived the longest period of no armed conflicts in the history of our continent, due to the existence of the European Union, a project of which Romania has been a member for ten years. The second half of the 20th century shows us that peace can only be maintained through European integration. At a time when the values of the European Union are being attacked by populism and demagoguery, the commemoration of World War I brings the strongest argument in favour of the European project: peace!,” said Iohannis.

The President also called for a strengthening of the European construction “for the future of the next generations”.

“I am calling on you, in the deepest expression of honouring the past, to unite our energies to make the European project a solid construction for the future of the next generations. We will thus ensure the consolidation of democracy, prosperity and security on our continent. Romania’s active involvement in this process, including by drafting a country project, is also Romania’s concrete commitment to the development and progress. The most valuable appreciation we can share for the sacrifice of the Greater Union generation is to take responsibility in our turn for building a strong Romania that is confident in its journey,” said Iohannis.


PM Tudose: Marasesti is the place where Romanians wrote history through sacrifice


Marasesti is the place where Romanians wrote history through sacrifice, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said on Sunday.

“Marasesti is the place where Romanians wrote history through sacrifice. There, overcoming death, the Romanian soldiers rekindled ideals and brought back hope to our country, which was widely under occupation,” Tudose wrote on Facebook.

According to the PM, the “Mausoleum of Heroes” watches over this area of the Romanian battle and marks the victory of 1917.

“The heroes of Marasesti continue to live through us and the praise we bring to their sacrifice at this homage paying time. Let us honour the memory of those who made us proud to be able to say today ‘You shall not pass!'” Tudose also said.


PSD’s Dragnea: Romania’s history, saved at Marasesti, Marasti, Oituz


Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea acknowledged on Monday that the dignity and honour of the Romanian people as well as the country’s history were saved in the Marasesti, Marasti and Oituz battles.

“At Marasesti, Marasti and Oituz, our country was saved, weapon in hand. The Romanian state was kept safe, the Romanian people’s dignity and honour were saved, Romania’s history was redeemed. Without the blood sacrifice at Marasesti, Marasti and Oituz, the Great Union that followed wouldn’t have been possible, neither the prosperity and progress period that ensued, nor the generation that modernised the country or the democratic tradition which allows us to keep our heads high alongside the other European states,” Dragnea wrote on Monday in a Facebook post.

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies was present Sunday evening at the commemorative ceremony of the Marasesti Battle centennial, beside President Klaus Iohannis, Senate President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and Prime Minister Mihai Tudose.


DefMin Adrian Tutuianu: I bow to our veterans, I thank them for struggles and sacrifices


Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu thanked war veterans for their struggles and sacrifices.

“I respectfully bow to our veterans, common people who have unflinchingly undertaken responsibilities in the operations carried out by the Romanian Army. I listen to them talking about their country without noticing a shred of regret. They are shy and never ask for anything. I consider that no effort on our part is too great, no measure in the veterans’ aid can be ignored or postponed. Beyond gratitude, they need palpable support, which I assure you, we will not hesitate to provide. I thank them for their struggles and sacrifices. 2017 was declared by the Romanian Government ‘Marasti, Marasesti, Oituz Year – 100′. Beyond statistics, the centenary is full of stories. Stories of courage and tenacity of those who have taken on the freedom and the sacrifice, sometimes with the price of their lives, so that we build today, on solid principles, our future. Our children’s, the generations’ to come after us,” Adrian Tutuianu wrote on his Facebook page.

The Defence Minister said that the dream of Greater Romania was conceived at Marasesti.

“July 24/August 6 to August 21/September 3, 1917, the greatest warfare on the Romanian front! Here is where our history was written. Here is where the dream of Greater Romania was conceived. The Marasesti battle was the most important military operation carried out by the Romanian Army during World War I. 5,125 Romanian servicemen died fighting, they fought bayonet in hand, counter-attacking 61 times!!! Owing to these heroes, known and unknown, we are today a free and democratic nation,” further said Adrian Tutuianu.

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