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November 29, 2021

IntMin Dan: My counsellors chose to give up their pay bonuses

Interior Minister Carmen Dan on Tuesday told Romania TV private broadcaster that her five counsellors announced they were forgoing the pay bonuses they were drawing for working in a dignitary’s office.

She said they had made this decision because “their situation was highly publicised and the image of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is affected.”

“We are starting from the truth that simultaneously drawing a public pension and wage is not illegal. That is what everybody has agreed. The discussion was about how moral it is to benefit from this accretion. (…) I want to tell you that all my five counsellors, who are in a position to draw a pension and a wage, have told me that the situation can be remedied in one way. They told me that the public disclosure of their situation, although they were not named and the situation was disused in in general, affects the image of the ministry and makes it vulnerable, so they have decided to ask for my approval to get out of this situation. Since there is not giving up on a pension, they chose to forego the bonuses. They chose to leave their positions and yet to stay by me and to do their job without being paid,” said Dan.

She stated that all her counsellors are experienced people who have “recognised career tracks” and who have worked at the ministry for more than 20 years.


“Police officers must enjoy authority”


Interior Minister Carmen Dan also said on Tuesday that police officers must have authority and feel protected, which can be done by improving the police laws.

“The police officers must have authority and feel protected, which can be done by improving the police laws. Because I raised strengthening the protection they need at the beginning of my term, it is a theme that I have taken over full-heartedly, not just out of my duty as minister (…) There is a debate with both trade unions and the Police. I set up a mailing address and in two weeks’ time, there were over 130 proposals coming from the Police (…) The frequency of requests is not aimed at wage increases; they say that they want additional equipment for physical protection, the obligation of patrols to comprise at least two people, and tightening sanctions for offences against public authority (…),” Dan told Romania TV private broadcaster.

She added that the new police laws could be completed by September and then lodged with Parliament.

Dan also said that she is also thinking about proposals for the amendment of the criminal legislation aimed at penalising offences against public authority and the first-degree murder of police officers, judges, gendarmes, or military in their line of duty, to include imprisonment.

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