INS: Primary energy resources climb 2pct in H1

Primary energy resources climbed 2 per cent in the first half of the year, while the electric power resources dropped 1.2 per cent compared with the same interval last year, shows data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on Friday.

The main resources of primary energy in H1 2017 totalled 16.309 billion tonnes in oil equivalent (toe), a growth by 324,900 toe compared to H1 2016.

Domestic production totalled 10 522 million toe, a growth by 361,400 toe compared to the same interval last year, with imports standing at 5,786,300 toe.

In H1 2017, electricity resources stood at 34.153 billion kWh, a decrease by 409 million kWh, compared to H1 2016.

Thermal plants’ output recorded 13.945 billion kWh, up 1.888 billion kWh (+15,7 per cent). The power plants’ production stood at 8.193 billion kWh, down 2.571 billion kWh (-23.9 per cent), while the nuclear-electric plants’ production reaching 5.519 billion kWh, up 288.4 billion kWh (+5.5 per cent).

Wind power plants’ production in H1 2017 totalled 3.815 billion kWh, up 495.2 million kWh, with solar energy in photovoltaic installations standing at 980.5 million kWh, by 21 million kWh more compared to H1 2016.

The final consumption of electric power in H1 2017 stood at 27.220 billion kWh, down 1.5 per cent compared to H1 2016; public lightning recorded a drop by 7.3 per cent, while population consumption dropped 2.2 per cent.

Electricity exports totalled 3.746 billion kWh, which means a decrease by 44.6 million kWh. Own technological consumption in networks and stations accounted for 3.185 billion kWh, a growth by 38.3 million kWh.

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